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Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Grand Finale – The Fight of the Century

The Grand Finale – The Fight of the Century

It was El Terrible who drew first blood from their encounter then it was pay time for Morales when Manny “Pacman” Paquiao gave Morales its first ever technical knockout (TKO)! It was a sweet revenge for the Filipinos in the person of Pacman! The venue literally fell down along with Morales! It was never done before by any opponent of El Terrible and it was a scene to remember for the rest of his boxing career!

Many critics pointed many reasons for Morales defeat, some say because his father was nowhere to be found, that Morales allegedly gave the crowd what their expecting a trilogy between Manny Paquiao and him, also some attributed it to his drastic weight lost! There are many reasons team Morales could invent and pointed at for his defeat, that’s why many waited for the grand finale – the fight of the century! So as to know the truth once and for all – who is the best fighter between them!

El Terrible took an early conditioning from main land Mexico up to the mountains, many was surprised to see Morales in tip-top condition! Never did they saw their hero trained this hard for a fight. It was a sign what to be expected come that fateful day – a war between two great boxers supported by their respective countries, in short a battle between Mexico and the Philippines!

For three months we saw Eric and Manny exchanging friendly barb to each other, making the waiting more exciting, many started asking themselves “WHO?” who will end this bout? Who will knockout who? Who is the real warrior? Who will be vindicated? Who am I going to place my bet of my hard earned money? Who will emerge victorious? Two months passed, three months, and the fight we’ve been waiting for so long has now come to time!

Its now “The Grand Finale – the Fight of the Century”, all woke up early doing their every day routines but in an earlier timetable to give them ample time to watch the Filipino hero’s fight at Thomas and Mac Center at Nevada, Las Vegas. The crowd religiously waited for this fight, saving their hard earned money just to be able to watch their Boxing Icon, to see how Manny will dispose El Terrible, and what round would it be?

When the crowd saw Manny and Eric at the big screen, many boxing aficionado shouted out their heart for their idols a scene comparable to the world trade center bombing – 9/11! Everybody is screaming, shouting, pointing at each other but it was not that dreaded scene of the 9/11 bombing no definitely not! And when the curtain fell and the film started rolling, there’s no stopping them only a knockout would halt the fight we’ve been waiting!

Round 1 – both fighters were trying the water, measuring each other but they did not fail their supporters before the bell rang to end the first round they exchanges a fury of jabs.

Round 2 – with the mounting heat from the their round they opened up the second round with lots of fireworks, they literally killed each other but before the bell rang again, Manny “Pacman” Paquiao gave Eric “El Terrible” Morales its first taste of the canvas! But Eric managed to save his self from the early TKO!

Round 3 – when round three came many did not expect that it will be over! Again they exchanges punches like their no tomorrow! Left Hook, Left Jab, Right Hook, Right jab, upper-cut, and straight from nowhere but Eric “El Terrible” Morales could not hold on anymore he was sent to the canvas two times and the second time he met the canvas it was over! Just over 2 minutes into the third round Eric “El Terrible” Morales gave up and raise the flag signaling his acceptance of his worst defeat ever in his entire boxing career! Manny “Pacman” Paquiao literally ended Morales career, it was like giving your employee his separation and retirement benefit and Pacman is the signatory!

It was a sweet victory for team Paquiao; never did they foresee the possibility of an early knockout, if I may rephrase the tag line of a known telecommunication company here in the Philippines – “sa pinoy posible!” or should I say “basta si Manny posible!”

Sunday, November 5, 2006

101 Secrets Girls Should Know About Guys

  1. Guys don’t actually look after good-looking girls. They prefer presentable and neat girls.

  2. Guys hate flirts.

  3. A guy can like for a minute, and then forget you afterwards. (This usually goes for strangers)

  4. When a guy says he doesn’t understand you, it just means you’re not thinking as he is.

  5. Guys love girls with brains than girls in mini skirts.

  6. “Are you doing something?” or “Have you eaten already?” are the first question a guy asks on the phone just so to get away from stammering.

  7. Guys maybe flirting around all days but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about.

  8. When a guy really likes you, he’ll disregard all your bad characteristics.

  9. Guys go crazy over girls smile.

  10. Guys try to find the stuff toys a girl wants but would unlucky get the wrong one.

  11. Guys cant be wastrels specially when they want to get an impression from you. But they are actually price-conscious people.

  12. Guys virtually brag about anything.

  13. Guys cannot tell a secret that girls tell them.

  14. Guys think too much.

  15. Guys hate it when you talked about your Ex-Boyfriend.

  16. When a guy wants to meet your parents… let him.

  17. Guys want to tell you many things, but he can’t. And they sure one habit to gain courage to tell you everything and that’s is – drinking.

  18. Guys cry.

  19. Guy’s fantasies are unlimited.

  20. Don’t provoke a guy to heat up… believe me he will.

  21. Guys can never dream and hope too much.

  22. Guys usually try so hard to get the girl who has dumped them, and this makes harder for them to accept defeat.

  23. When you touch a guy’s heart there is no turning back.

  24. Giving guy a hanging message like “you know what…. uh…never mind” – would make him jump to conclusion that’s far from what your thinking.

  25. A guy goes crazy when a girl touches his hand.

  26. Guys are good flatters when courting but they usually stammer when they talk to girl they really like.

  27. When a guy makes a prolonged “um” or makes any excuses when you’re asking him to do a favor, he’s actually saying he doesn’t like you and he cannot lay down the card for you.

  28. When a girl says “no”, a guy hears it as “try again tomorrow” especially when they are given cues that the girls like them.

  29. A girl’s height doesn’t really matter to a guy…but he weight does.

  30. Guys tend to get serious with their relationships and become too possessive. So watch out girls.

  31. When a guy gets something too unyielding for a girl, it would be hard for him to let go of that girl.

  32. It is not easy for a guy to let go of his girlfriend after they broke up especially when they’ve been together for 3 years or more.

  33. Fling follows after a guy broke up with a girl he got so involved with and it would take long before he commits himself again.

  34. You have to tell a guy what you really want before he gets clearly.

  35. Its not actually cute giggling behind guys back. It is more insult for him.

  36. Girls mature faster than boys in physical and emotional aspects. But take note, once a guy matures, you girls would surely be impressed with him.

  37. A guy has to experience rejection, because if he’s too good – never been busted, never bee in love and hurt – he wont mature and grow up.

  38. When an unlikable circumstance comes, guys blame themselves a lot more than girls do. They could even hurt themselves physically.

  39. Guys can only be violent when they are provoked by their enemies and by another guy but not with girls. Guys who meddle with girls could either be gays or bastards.

  40. Some guys hate gays.

  41. Even the seemingly nicest guy can talk dirty behind girls back.

  42. Guys hate it when girls try to do what they do, like smoking and drinking.

  43. Guys are tigers with their peer groups but became tamed pussycat with their girlfriends.

  44. Without girls, guys would end up zombies without anything to do or talk about.

  45. Guys talk about them themselves too much and are turned off with girls who do the same.

  46. Guys have a strong passion to change but have a weak will power.

  47. When a guy pretends to be calm and collected, check is he’s sweating you’ll probably see that he is nervous.

  48. A guy acts super nice he likes, he may pick on her and start teasing her.

  49. When you keep a guy says he’s going crazy about girl…he really is.

  50. Guys feel secure when a girl phones him, the act doesn’t look cheap for them.

  51. When you keep a guy waiting for you for 30 minutes, of course, it is not okay! He’s just trying to be nice.

  52. When a guy asks you to leave him alone, he’s just actually saying “please come and listen to me”.

  53. It is infact that guys are physically superior. Girls easily cry while guys can hold their emotions but cannot control it once they burst it out. They could cry, smoke, or be violent.

  54. Guys don’t really have final decisions.

  55. When a guy loves you, bring out the best in him.

  56. If a guy starts to talk seriously, listen to him.

  57. If a guy has been shut or silent, say something.

  58. Guys believes that there is no such thing as love at first sight, but courts the girl anyway and then realizes at the end that he was wrong.

  59. Guys hate girls who act as if they’re going to hell.

  60. Guys go crazy over a girl who has a cute bedroom voice on phone.

  61. Guys like femininity but not feebleness.

  62. Guys don’t like boys who punch harder than they do.

  63. If a guy tells you he loves you once in a lifetime…he does.

  64. A guy may instantly know when a girl likes him but can never be sure unless the girls tell it to him.

  65. A guy would waste his time over videogames and basketball; the way girls would do over their romance and make-ups.

  66. Guys love girls who can cook.

  67. Guys like girls who are like their mom…no kidding!

  68. You can never understand him unless you listen to him.

  69. Guys love their mom.

  70. A guy has more problems that you can’t see with your naked eyes.

  71. A guy would sacrifice his money for lunch just to get you a couple of rose.

  72. A guy’s friend knows everything about him. Use this in your advantage.

  73. Guys often think about girls who like them. But this does not necessarily mean that he likes her.

  74. Don’t be snob. Guys may easily give up on the first sign of rejections.

  75. Don’t be bias. Try loving a guy without a prejudice and you’ll be surprised.

  76. Girls who bathe in their eau de perfume do more repelling than attracting guys.

  77. Girls are more talkative than girls especially when the topic is about girls.

  78. Guys don’t comprehend the word “get lost” very well.

  79. When a guy tells you about his ideal girl, don’t try hard to duplicate it; otherwise he can see it right through you.

  80. Guys really thinks that girls are strange and have unpredictable decisions but still love them all the more for that.

  81. Beware. A guy can make gossips scatter through half of the face of the world faster than girls can.

  82. Guys don’t care about his problem it doesn’t mean he needs your advice. He only needs someone to listen.

  83. When a guy gives a crooked and pretentious grin at your joke, he finds them unamusing or offending and he’s just trying to be polite.

  84. Guys tend to generalize girls but once they got to know you, they’ll realize they’re wrong.

  85. If a guy can handle problems all by his own. He’s just stubborn to deal with it.

  86. Guys hate it when girls find themselves cute.

  87. Guys find it too secure when girls swear.

  88. Guys learned from experience and not from romance novel, giving girls a quite head start.

  89. Guys don’t care about on how shiny their shoes are unlike girls do.

  90. Your best friend whom your boyfriend seeks help from about his problems with you, may end up being admired by your boyfriend.

  91. When your boyfriend looks at another girl or stranger, it doesn’t mean he’s cheating on you.

  92. Guys hate being leashed by their girlfriend.

  93. Guys tend to be jealous when his friend’s steal’s his girlfriend’s attention away from hi.

  94. Guy’s weakest point is at the knee.

  95. Like eve…girls are guy’s weaknesses.

  96. Guys are very open about themselves.

  97. No guys are bad when he is courting.

  98. When problem arises, a guy usually keeps his cool but already thinking a way to out.

  99. When a guy is conscious about his looks, it shows he is not good in fixing things.

  100. It’s good to test a guy before you believe him. But don’t make him wait that long.

  101. Be plain, simple and simply lovable.


by Beverly Bruce

Love … a small word for such a complex emotion. There is no simple explanation for it, because love is made up of many things. It cannot be measured, because it is a feeling…

All the money in the word cannot buy love; it has to be earned. It does not happen by wishing; it must come about naturally. Love is not an instantaneous emotion, but something that grows slowly between two people, maturing with time; there is no stronger bond between two people.

To love someone means being comfortable and at ease with them sharing confidence knowing that they will be understood and held in trust. It means respective each other’s dignity and never being demanding, but rather being willing to give, and accepting that which is given, graciously and with love.

To love someone means having a genuine concern for them, being able to sense that something is wrong without being told. Understanding the other person’s problem, moods, and “hang-ups,” and accepting all of them, even if you don’t quite understand. It is excusing their faults, because you know that their good points far outweigh the bad.

Love is always being there for each other with a shoulder to cry on, to give support when confidence levels are low, to give helpful advice when it is asked for, to know when to be silent and listen, or to give cheerful words of encouragement.

Love is sharing the food and the bad, the hopes and the dreams the amusing times and the serious times. It is doing things together, yet leaving room for each to grow as an individual.

How do we know these things about love? We know, because this is the kind of love you have given to me and the kind of love that I feel for you.

I am blessed with your love, and I will never take it for granted. I will strive to become an even better person and to always be deserving of your love, because I truly love you as I have never loved before.


Malaria – a mosquito-borne disease is a serious public health problem in the Philippines. Particularly in Central Luzon which is a Malaria Endemic Region. Children and pregnant women are especially vulnerable, not to mention agricultural workers and families that are hit the hardest during the cropping season.

Facts and Figures

  • Worldwide, Malaria kills at least 1 million people each year, or about 3, 000 a day.

  • Nearly 500 million people suffer from acute malaria each year.

  • Malaria is serious public health problem in over half of the world’s countries, including the Philippines.

  • Population movement, deteriorating sanitation, climatic changes, drugs resistance, failure of health systems and, in some cases, poorly planned development activities, contribute to the spread of malaria.

  • Every second – the time it takes you to say the word malaria, ten children will contact the disease and begin fighting for their lives. Malaria kills a child every 30 seconds, often in combination with other diseases.

  • Up to 700, 000 children, many under five years of age, will die needlessly from malaria this year and with acute disease, a child may die within 24 hours.

  • Children can suffer an average of six malaria bouts each year and in endemic areas, as much as 60 percent of school children’s learning may be impaired.

  • Pregnant women are especially vulnerable to the disease; in endemic areas, women are 4 times more likely to suffer malaria attacks – causing still births or low-weight babies, during pregnancy than at any other time.

  • Nearly 60 percent of miscarriages among women living in endemic areas are due to malaria.

  • The cheapest and safest malaria drug – Chloroquine, is rapidly losing its effectiveness.

  • In some parts of the world, malaria has become resistant to the four leading antimalarial drugs.

  • Malaria hurts poor people the most; in some countries, malaria patients pay 9 times their average daily ware for care.

  • Workers suffering from malaria can be incapacitated for 5 – 20 days.

  • Malaria hits hardest during the rainy season when planting and harvesting takes place and it reduces the income of agricultural laborers.

  • Studies show that malaria-afflicted families are able to harvest only 40 percent of their crops, compared with wealthy families.

  • Moreover, a malaria-stricken family spends an average of over one quarter of its income on malaria treatment, as well as paying preventions costs and suffering loss income.

  • The cost of malaria control and treatment drains many developing countries economies, and malaria-endemic countries are some of the worlds most impoverished.

The key to Effective Malaria Control

  • Community awareness – Families should have the information they need to understand the risks of malaria and take appropriate and timely action.

  • Surveillance and response – Malaria outbreaks are identified with the help of a good surveillance system and health authorities are able to respond effectively on the basis of reliable information.

  • Home as the first hospital – A simple packet of effective drugs available to parents can save children who have malaria.

  • Tailored treatments to those in need – Carefully following the spreads of drug resistance, prescriptions can be changed to ensure that patients are treated with the most appropriate and effective drugs.

  • Widely available health services – Rapid diagnostics facilities and effective case management can save the lives of people who have severe malaria.

Preventive Measure not Corrective!

  • Treated Netting – People at risk of malaria are able to use insecticide-treated mosquito nets.

  • Control of Mosquitoes – Mosquito numbers are reduced by the right mix of control methods for the local situation.

  • Safer Pregnancy – Women are able to take anti-malarial drugs and improve the safety of their pregnancy.

A Collection of Thoughts


Sometimes, it’s just the fun of sharing happy times and laughter.

Sometimes, it’s the trust and openness between warmth, the understanding and us.

Sometimes, it just knows that you’re there…

These are the things that make you special to me.

I love all that you are to me

I love being yours.

I love all the joys that you bring, from our most intimate moments alone to the pride I feel in you when we’re not out somewhere together.

I love all that we share.

I love the laughter, the understanding, and the fact that so much about us – our minds, our bodies, our hearts, our feelings – should touch so closely and perfectly together.

Most of all, I love you and the gentle man you are to me, the sensitive and loving man you save just for me when we’re alone together.

To have you there

I can’t begin to tell you how much it means just to have you around…to be with, to talk with, and to make new memories with….

Always caring, always interested, always everything a man could be.

I can’t begin to tell you just how important you are to me!

Thank you for being you

Thank you for being so generous with your own very special gifts of thoughtfulness and caring, loving and laughter, serenity and joyfulness.

Thank you for being so generous with the very special gift of yourself!

You are my man… you are my blessing

Your name is the fist thing I mention everytime I count my blessings, for that’s what you are to me. A blessing that fills my days with happiness, my dreams with you, and my heart with love…

You are mine, and surely there can never be a dearer blessing than the man who shares my today, my yesterday, my tomorrow, and all my love.

I’m so thankful for you!

For all you do

I love you for everything you are, and for everything you do.

I love you for every smile you give me, for every word you speak and each touch of your hand.

I love you for all the beautiful moments you’ve given me, and everything we share.

For all these wonderful things and more… I love you.

Rabies: A Major Health Problem

Rabies is a preventable disease of mammals, including man, most often transmitted through the bite of an infected animal.

The rabies virus is bullet-shaped and is classified in the “rhadoviridae” virus family. Rabies is a fatal disease affecting the Central Nervous System and part of the brain, ultimately causing death.

Factors that may contribute to the outcome of rabies exposure include:

  • Virus Variant

  • Route and Severity of Exposure

  • Location of the Exposure

  • Host Species

  • Individual Host factors such as:

    • Age

    • Host Immune Defense

Early Symptoms:

  • Fever

  • Headache

  • General Malaise as the disease progresses,

  • Neurological symptoms appear and may include:

  • Insomnia

  • Anxiety

  • Confusion

  • Slight or partial paralysis

  • Excitation

  • Hallucinations

  • Agitation

  • Hyper

  • Salivation

  • Difficulty in swallowing

  • Hydrophobia – fear of water, and

  • Aerophobia – fear of air

Facts and Figures

  • Death usually occurs within 1-7 days from the onset of symptoms.

  • In 1999, the Philippines ranked 3rd in the number of rabies cases, worldwide. Every year, 300 – 400 Filipinos die of rabies with a 100 percent case fatality rate.

  • In 2000, Central Luzon was included in the top 5 regions (Reg. 3, 4, 5, 11, and 12) with the most number of human rabies cases.

  • 98 percent of human rabies is due to dog bites.

  • There were more rabies cases among males than females; ages ranged from 1 – 14 years old.

Infectious Path of the Rabies Virus

  1. A man is bitten by a rabid animal (i.e. dog).

  2. The rabies virus enters through wounds/breaks in the skin.

  3. The rabies virus multiplies then spreads through the nerves to the spinal cord and brain.

  4. Incubation periods range from 3 weeks to 2 years (rarely more than 10 years).

  5. When the Virus reaches the brain, main begin to show signs of disease.

  6. The rabid man dies within 1 – 7 days of becoming sick.

Other routes of transmission

  1. Inhalation of aerosolized virus in closed areas (i.e. rabid bats, laboratories for rabies diagnostics.

  2. Tissue transplant from an undiagnosed rabid donor as documented in corneal transplantation.

What to do after bitten by animal


  • Wash wound thoroughly with soap and water.

  • Apply alcohol/iodine to the exposed part.

  • Seek immediate medical attention.

  • Go to the nearest health center or hospital for the proper care of the wound and to assess the risk for rabies exposure.

Factors to consider before giving Post Exposure Treatment

  • Nature of bite exposure

  • The geographic location of the incident

  • The type of animal that was involved

  • How the exposure occurred (i.e. provoked or unprovoked)

  • The vaccination/clinical status of the animal involved

  • Whether the animal can be safely captured and observed for signs and symptoms of rabies

  • Laboratory results of the animal examined

Categories of Wound Exposure

  1. Touching/feeding of animals

  2. Nibbling of uncovered skin, scratches/abrasions without bleeding, and/or licks on broken skin.

  3. All head and neck bites. Single or multiple transdermal bites. Contamination of mucous membrane with saliva. Exposure to a rabid patients through bite or non-bite exposure (mouth to mouth resuscitation, licking of intact mucosa such as eyes, lips, and vulva).

Post Exposure Treatment

Provide Post Exposure Treatment (PET) which prevents rabies. It consists of active and/or passive immunization.

  • Active Immunization

Vaccine is administered to induce anti-body and T-cell production in order to neutralize circulating rabies virus. It induces an active immune response (in 7 – 10 days after vaccination) and confers immunity for two years. Vaccines are given in a series of intramuscular or intradermal injections that require patients to make up to 5 visits to an animal Bite Treatment Center.

  • Passive Immunization

Rabies immunoglobulin is concurrently given for immediate protection of patients with category III exposure. Protection last for a month only, that is why vaccines must always be given.

An Ounce of Prevention

  • Submit dogs and cats for regular immunization.

  • Avoid direct contact with unfamiliar animals.

  • Maintain control of your pets by keeping domestic animals under direct supervision.

  • Keep pets on a leash.

Friday, October 6, 2006

What is Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever?

What is Dengue Fever?

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF)

Is an acute infectious viral disease usually affecting infants and young children. It is characterized by fever during the initial phase, and other symptoms like headache, pain in the eye, joint pain, muscle pain, etc. followed by signs of bleeding, e.g., petechiae (red tiny spots on the skin), nosebleeding, gumbleeding,. If there is blood in the stools and/or blood in the vomitus and accompanied by shock, this is called Dengue Shock Syndrome and is often fatal.

Aedes Aegypti, the transmitter of the disease, is a day-bitting mosquito which lays eggs in clear water container, such as flower vases, cans, rain barrels, old rubber tires, etc. The adult mosquitoes rest in dark places of the house.

What are the Symptoms of Dengue H-Fever?

  1. Sudden onset of high fever which may last 2 to 7 days.

  2. Joint & muscle pain and pain behind the eyes.

  3. Weakness

  4. Skin Rashes – moculopapular rash or red tiny spots on the skin called petechiae

  5. Nosebleeding when fever starts to subside

  6. Enlargement of Liver

  7. Vomitting of coffee-colored matter

  8. Dark-colored stools

How to Prevent Dengue H-Fever?

  • The Community should organize themselves to remove all possible breeding places of mosquitoes inside and outside of houses such as tin cans, rubber tires, bottles or drain accumulated water from tress and plants.

  • Cover water storage containers to prevent breeding of mosquitoes

  • Clean Houser gutter to prevent stagnation of rain water

  • Isolate patients suffering from Dengue H-Fever for at least 5 Days

  • Report to the nearest health center any suspected case of Dengue H-Fever in the neighborhood

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Nationwide Green Highway Project

The government and a non-government organization launch last August 25, 2006 its pilot project – green highway! With the help of local government unit, various schools (primary to tertiary), volunteers, environmentalist and concern individuals.

The said project was envisioned to help lessen the impact of flooding nationwide and also make our national road green and clean. Participants were advised to manned their respective trees and wait till 10A.M before we start planting, we were not informed that the said project will commence after the PGMA plants her assign tree at Luneta park! That’s the only time we shall start planting ours, but due to bad weather condition we have no choice but to start planting earlier otherwise, we are putting the lives of our student at risk!

We are assigned near one of the busiest national road in our province and small amount of rain started pouring slowly, that’s why as their secondary parents, we decided to start planting the trees assigned to us before the heavy downpour of rains! But all of the sudden some TraPos from nowhere came, sort of a national guard berating some of our students why they started ahead of time! Funny how they think but hey they are politicians (TraPos) remember? They don’t put into consideration the health of our students who’s been under the sun long before they arrive! Mind this, after we planted the trees, a group of Class A & B aristocrat personalities and politico’s started appearing from nowhere! Oh yes I forgot, there’s a photo-op after the planting! Hehe Filipinos don’t underestimate them hehe.

Well we did our part it’s now up to all of them what will happen next chapter!

Examination Tips

Last August 27, 2006 I took my Licensure Examination for Teachers at Baguio City. It was my first time to take the exam and as a first timer I made sure that I’m prepared (I thought so) for the examination and whatever will happen on that day! Contrary to my sister comment that I’m too prepared and exited, it was the other way around! Since I’m with Sir Robert (a native of the city) a new found friend who also took the exam I was too confident that nothing would go wrong but ended up very very much WRONG!

When we arrive at the venue of the examination I was surprised that Sir Robert does not remember well the in and out of the said venue! We ended up asking security personnel and after almost an hour of asking and walking we finally found my room assignment! After he left (since were on different room assignment) I hurriedly prepared my stuff i.e. applicant number, letter from the Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC), pencils, eraser, calculator, and snacks.

After unloading my baggage, I took a sit to near the window to at least acclimatize the place! (I was the last to arrive) A few minutes more the teachers assigned as the room assignment came, they started giving us instruction, asking us to sign this and that, and rearranging the seats. At exactly 8A.M. we started the first part of the examination, after two hours of nerve and back braking examination they gave us a couple of minutes break! After we all settled in, we started the second of the three part examination, which for me is more difficult since I’m not an Education Grad! And unfortunately consumed most of my time thinking (am I?) that results in me not answering all the questionnaires! After the second part, I took a quick lunch in a nearby canteen a few meters away from my assign room.

By 2:30P.M. We are again at our toes; we started the third and final examination (our Major subject) with much energy and enthusiasm that slowly as the exam progress drips away until we could no longer bare the pressure to pass the examination! By 5:30P.M. We all felt exhausted taking the examination!

For all new examinee (and feeling new), read on!

Do arrive early – even if you’re with someone who knows the place it’s still safe to go the venue a day before the examination and at least an hour before the call time!

Do get a decent watch – yes you read it right! Watch! Time management is very important in taking any examination, since cell phone is a no-no inside the room your only first line of defense is a simple watch!

Do not overload your stuff – yes don’t overload your backpack or buy too much for your snack! Believe me you could hardly open your food while taking the examination and besides you will be given ample time for your lunch, snacks and also for personal hygiene.

Do mix and match – hmm sounds strange right? Nope, really do mix and match with the venue and the climate! It’s really relaxing when you wear comfortable outfit for a particular climate and/or venue! Since I took my examination at Baguio I decided to wear sweatshirt on top my shirt and loose pants. And throughout the examination I never felt I was in Baguio or felt the freezing temperature that day!

Pause – yes, pause if you need to! Remember answering all the questionnaires (520 items) can be tough on your neck and back so it’s really practical that you pause for a while, stand and stretch whenever needed! (After all it’s not illegal to stand during the examination) and could also revitalize your thinking prowess.

Ignore them all – yes, even for that day be selfish (you’ll be thanking me later) NEVER ever look at your room mates on how they progress or what number they are now! DON’T! Look at examinee walking at your window, room, and door! This will only make an impression that you’re not doing well and that you might not finish the examination on time! That in return will hamper your intelligent thinking (assuming you have one – just kidding) prowess and will; believe me! Will make you scamper for answers.

Check it more – I know what you’re thinking, that you answered it all because you know your self! This my friend is very much NOT TRUE, why? Well because I’m also like you blinded by that notion who does not want to be corrected, I’m telling you it wont make you less intelligent when you re-check your answer two times or even three times! When I took the examination I have that traits with me, long before I took the examination I already INFORMED my self that I won’t re-check my answer for fear of temptation! Temptation to change my answer but during the first part of the examination I took a quick review of my answer sheet and voila! Indeed there are two questions I forgot to answer! So my friend challenge your self even for that day only!

Throw away your worries – Don’t think of your friend, relatives and love ones teasing when you failed your examination DON’T! It will dampen your mood and enthusiasm to pass! That’s why it is advised to leave all your worries in your house when you leave for the examination!

And lastly as my mentors will always tell me, be intelligent to take the exam!

Monday, August 21, 2006

EXAM of my LIFE!

In a few days from now I shall take my LET Exam, the exam that will change my life forever! at Baguio City this is a major exam for me and maybe the turning point of my life! Since I was a kid I never dream of becoming a teacher not in my wildest imagination!
At my young age I was exposed with various teachers with various identities and attitude towards teaching, what I mean is they are different in front of the students and in front of other officials (local supervisor and division supervisor) they hardly teach and always ask for a financial contribution. It made an impact that teacher are no good! And started planning that when I grew up I will not take "Education Courses" for one simple reason - they S**ks!
When I went to college I've already decided to take Electrical Engineering, but due to some unplanned decision I was force to take up Computer Programming at first I was hesitant to learn, I don't want to understand why and what is a computer? I'm not even interested to find where the "enter" key is or what DOS is! In short I don't really care about the course or computer in particular! But after a few months I notice that some of my classmate are having a hard time figuring what they need to do for this particular programming language while I already finish it ahead of time! That's when I realized that there is money in the said course; I started offering to do their case studies for a fee! I might say I consider my self as a working student, well sort of!
After I graduated from my first course, I took a one semester break before enrolling again in my second course - BS in Computer Science! Yes computer again!
Right after I graduation, I was hired as a computer teacher; DON'T EVEN DARE ASK HOW AND WHY I ACCEPTED THE OFFER! Because until now I don't know why! Well to cut the story short, while teaching computer subjects in secondary level I enrolled in my third course, to satisfy DepEd requirements for teaching and you won't believe it! Yes it's BS in Secondary Education major in Math! And right now I'm enrolled in my Master studies! That's the reason why I need to take that exam! Because the student that once hated teachers is now a true blooded "Educator"!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Armageddon Values

Last week I was lucky enough to find time to watch Armageddon, I believe most of you already seen the movie but I would like to share my 2 cents worth opinion about the movie character and values I discerned from the movie!

"The love of a father to his children!"

We know for a fact that father as one of the pillar of the family don't shows emotion so easily they rather stay at the back applauding secretly than be seen in public crying out their hearts. Bruce Willis, the father in the movie how shown what a father can do for his children! He doesn't need to say anything by just watching you can feel the overflowing love he has for his daughter!
I might consider my self as one who has experienced such scenario! I was the eldest among the siblings but at my young age I already felt that my father seems to love more my younger sister and brother but I keep mum about it, I just waited that one day my father would also love me the way he does with his other siblings! I have never seen nor heard him in public giving credit to or even bragging about me the way he does with my younger brother, but I never lost hope I just keep waiting until I met one of his close friend a few years back and he told me that yes my father always in every situation he can, brags about me more than my two younger siblings! And now I'm really doing everything I can to again give him something new to brag about me - I would try to pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET Exam) this coming August 27, 2006! I'm hoping and prying that I would pass the examination! - For my parents especially my father!

Monday, July 10, 2006

My Summit - NAE (Not Another Everest!)

Just last month I went up again at Baguio city, this time not for fun but for my future! Yes my future lays within the summit my temporary summit – Baguio City! I went there to file my application for the Licensure examination for Teacher (LET) yes, you are definitely right I’m taking the examination that would change my life forever!
At first I said I’ll hike up Baguio at 3:00 in the morning but since I’m deadly tired the previous night I woke up 4:00 AM! Oh my God I need to move fast coz I still need to travel 3 hours up to the summit! And by 4:30 I was on my way out of my flat, I was lucky enough to ride a bus by 5:00 AM from that point on I started thinking what changes did the city officials made to the summit I once love?
During my college days I would sneak away from school just to feel the coldness of Baguio, I think every month I would be on top the Philippines just having a peaceful walk along Burnham Park and after a few hours I would trek back to civilization just in time for the dinner! And when I’m feeling poignant again, I would again hike my favorite summit, I did that for 3 long years and right after graduating I was again lucky to land a job (though ever since I hated the idea of teaching, worst I hated public teachers before!) a teaching position in one of a prestigious secondary school here in Tarlac.
And even during my working days as ahem teacher, I would still sneak every examination just to have some moment with my self. It’s a sort of gift to my self oh did I forgot to tell you I treat my self to a wonderful meal in one of the cool places here in Tarlac every time I receive my salary! Incidentally I also did that for 3 years just like in my college days and since I only worked for that school for 3 years (that’s the reason).
And now I’m on my 3rd job (the first one is bookkeeping/collecting in one of our towns Cooperative’s) teaching also! I was hired by my former mentor to teach in college at first I was hesitant to accept the offer since I don’t see my self the way he sees me! But after mustering his convincing power over me I accepted it. And now I’m planning to try my luck in public teaching position that’s the reason why again for the nth time I went to my summit! And after that brief reminisce I found my self in a very familiar place, I said a yes this is my summit – Baguio City!
One thing I first noticed is that the hillside is full of houses already; it used to be just trees! And now its trees and house then tree and house then house and house and lots of houses! When I took a few step away from my ride that’s the time I realized that it’s not that cold anymore compared during my insanity years when I used to go here! Gone are the art deco and the forest atmosphere! Today we see infrastructure here and there building here and there and who won’t notice this gigantic city – SM Mall!
Then it hit me, does it mean that’s how long I did not visit my summit? Maybe?
And out of nowhere I heard shouting and blowing of horns at first I did not put much attention to it but when I look around I saw the face of this angry taxi driver shouting at me while blowing his horns! I realized how stupid I am to evoke my golden years in the middle of the busy road! So I went on, saying and signaling sorry walk to the PRC building which was temporarily housed inside the court of appeals building, when I got there I saw how long the queue is I hastily walk and line up with others only to find out 15 minutes later that I was on the wrong set of examinee (I’m taking secondary exam) I was queuing on the primary group so I went on the opposite side of the building where I found the line for secondary, It took us almost 4 hours just to reach the 1st window (checking) right after I finish my transaction on the 1st window we heard an announcement that we need to return after lunch! So quickly with my new found friends from Baguio and La Union we took a snappy lunch (brunch) and even before we could finish up our meal we found our selves again falling inline for the 2nd window (cashier) after less than an hour were on our way to the 3rd window (stamp and envelope) by 2:00 in the afternoon we are violating our patience already! In the 4th window (legal office) after an hour or so we now face the attendant on the 5th window (checking piercing) and by 5:00 PM in front of the 6th and last window (further checking and piercing) and before 6:00 PM came we are done! Whoa! At last we are done!
Now we patiently wait the confirmation and room assignment letter that PRC officials will send us! And hopefully wish me all the luck I would pass the LET Examination!

And to end with, I would like to ask you all who read this post to kindly include me in your prayer!

Other is asking me how much it cost me, I simply tell them i lost count!

Sunday, May 7, 2006

Proclamation 1017 - the truth!

As the title said, I would like to share to you stories that would help you reflect the real score regarding Presidential Proclamation 1017 (PP1017).


Before, then President Ferdinand Marcos declared PP1081 (Martial Law) to curved lawless entity, millions of "innocent" civilians were victimized (tortured and killed) by the over powerful law enforcer! Until today many are still missing and for obvious reason presumed dead! (What else can we think of it!?)

What we think: It's acceptable in way, why? For one good reason we know that we are under Martial Law! And in better position on how to act/react to things done to us, we know for a fact that when some uniform men approach anybody he/she may need a miracle to stay alive to tell the story!

At least, WE KNOW!

Now, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declared PP1017 in the disguised of "state of emergency" to curved lawless entity etc…., traitors, rebellion, and coup plotters, millions of individual fear for their safety and believe me until today still feel the same way!

After so many sleepless nights, the president proudly recalled the implementation of the PP1017! And Juan Dela Cruz thought it was over!

Is it already lifted? Oh silly give us a break!


The media especially here in Region III, may not know it or they just don't want to write the story! Well here is a short story on how effective the lifting of PP1017 is!

Story #1:

Father Pedro is a great servant of our lord he's been practicing his vocation for quite some time now, serving the remotest (as the military describe it) part of the province, yes he is an Aglipay Priest a devoted one! Law enforcers always tagged
Aglipay Priest as "rebels" maybe because they served remote barangays? Or maybe it has to do with the history of Aglipay Church were they broke ties from the Vatican! Or is it just the psychic ability of our law enforcers in identifying rebels!

As the story goes, father Pedro was saying a mass one Sunday morning, for him it's just another same Sunday morning, wake up early, fix things, eat breakfast and go to church! Well this time he was wrong! During the mass, some uniform and none-uniform
units arrive from nowhere; shot him point blank in the face inside the church in front of his congregation! He was not given the chance to finish the mass, was not given the chance to defend himself in the court of law, was not given the chance to leave the church first before he was shot, and worst was not even given the chance to ask the young church goers to close their eyes before he was shot to death! No, not even a slim chance was given to father Pedro, he was brutally, cowardly, mercilessly, barbarically murdered! Inside the house of God!

Story #2: (mild one)

Father Juan, yes as you suspected also an Aglipay Priest! A great mentor, a loving father, follow everything under the constitution, a great source of spiritual uplifting, and a true friend!

After the brutal killing of Father Pedro, Father Juan had a consultation among the late priest's congregation, about the possible replacement of the late priest, he was informing them that they are having a hard time finding a priest to fill up the vacant position, and that they need to identify what measure they need to take in order not to repeat the incident again! What rule they need to follow to ensure the safety of the next priest and also for the military so they won't again suspect the priest as a rebel!
When from nowhere, a military truck appeared! some of the units position around the church and one officer went inside the church, one elder almost had a heart attack when she saw the army surrounding the church premises! Then the officer approach Father Juan and ask him what the meeting is for? Was it a plot/plan for the May 1 celebration! Are you all rebels? Out of anger (priest are humans also) Father Juan ask him why they killed his priest! Which the officer vehemently denied! (What else is new) they had a heated argument regarding the killing of Father Pedro! But when Father Juan saw that many of the congregation are trembling out of fear he just told the officer that it was about the replacement of the priest in that remote barangay! The officer went out of the church and waited for them to finish the meeting before also going back to their camp!

Story #3:

Tatay Inggo, a law abiding citizen! Peace loving, a good provider, a great father, a loving husband and a very nice neighbor! In short a true Filipino role model! But there is one big problem (for the military) he lives in a far-flung barangay!
It was harvesting time then, Tatay Inggo woke up early to put on his farm clothes, gather all his farm equipment, slip his breakfast onto one of his rice sock, and took malakas (carabao) to the farm. For Tatay Inggo it's just an ordinary day at the farm, he was wrong! That day before 12 noon as he prepares to eat Nanay's especial (mother) baon (meal) just for him, uniform men from the military came and with out any word beat Tatay Inggo badly that he could hardly walk (he was in his late 50's) and was brought to the camp/cell for investigation later that day Tatay was released! Why? Because it was a mistaken identity!

How could this be? They went in there without any warrant, beat the old man, and took him with them for further suffering, humiliation and abuse! Just to find out later that the old man is not the right one! Great! That's how you do it! Keep up the good work men you'll be in hell in no time, your mentor is there waiting for you all!@!#$%$

Now tell me, are we supposed to be happy by the lifting of PP1017? Well, I'm just asking you ask that to your self!

Monday, May 1, 2006

Applying in Public School

What you are about to read are based on true-life experience!
This situation is described by a teacher applicant and an ordinary citizen!
The names of the concern/involve person in the story was withheld upon verbal request!

This is a chronological procedure a Teacher Applicant goes thru!

Day 1 (morning):
Teacher Applicant (TA) ask the names and position/level of the perspective School heads/principals for the submission of his papers, prepares his papers (transcript of records, certificates, etc...) photocopy everything, go to a nearby photo studio have your latest photo taken, go to an internet café have your résumé and application letters done, go to the nearest office supplies buys paper folders, fasteners, sliding folders, markers, and other stuff he would use for his demo!

Day 1 (afternoon):
Prepares the folders he will submit to the School head (normally principals), arrange all the needed papers in order; application letter first then résumé, certificates, transcript of records, diplomas, and others.

Day 1 (evening):
TA double checks all papers/folders that he will submit the following day, pray that the school head/principal is not the rude/terror so he could start the day in positive note! Go to bed and have a sound sleep!

Day 2 (morning):
TA wake-up early prepares himself eat breakfast, go to the respective schools of the principals/school heads, give them his folders and ask when will be the evaluation/interview! The school head will tell them that they will just call and inform you of the final schedule since they don't have yet the latest memorandum (guidelines for Teacher applicant procedures, point system, evaluation and others) from the DepEd Secretary!
TA goes to the next school do the same thing and retold the same explanation by the school head.

Day 2 (afternoon):
TA waits in his house anxiously; waits for the text (not call as the school heads earlier said hehe) in his mobile, wait even more….

Day 2 (evening):
TA still waiting for the precious text, until he fell asleep!

Day 3 (morning):
TA wakes-up early eat breakfast and again wait for the text.

Day 3 (afternoon):
TA still waits for the text!

Day 3 (evening):
TA still waits for the text!

They will inform you thru text about the schedules after 4-6 days of waiting!

Day 7 (morning):
Finally the school heads inform you of the schedules for your interview, demo (lesson), demo (skills) and others (politicking)

Day 7 (afternoon):
TA goes to the school for him to see the schedules, for the drawing of lots (demo lesson) and other inquiry he may have!

Day 7 (evening):
TA thinks hard what possible question would be ask by the set of panels, starts the initial stage of making his visual aids, starts writing his lesson plan, as well as his index for the demo proper, then go to bed and have half sleep.

Day 8 (morning):
TA wakes-up early and eagerly wait for 2 days for the interview proper (it takes at least 2 days for the first schedule of interview because of new dissemination)

Day 8 (afternoon):
TA practices his possible answers to basic questions such as "tell us about your self?"

Day 8 (evening):
TA further practices his possible answers to basic questions such as "tell us about your self?"

Day 9 (morning):
TA goes early to the local school district (town) for his interview. Waits for his turn to face the panelist!
Panel scrutinize the TA papers/folders, telling the TA what needs to be done (adding and deleting some of their papers in their respective folders)

Day 9 (afternoon):
TA waits the panel to finish all the applicants (if possible) for further instruction

Day 9 (evening):
TA finishes his Lesson Plan and his Visual Aids for his Demo.

Day 10 (morning):
TA checks his Lesson Plan once more before going to internet cafes for the type written (computerized) lesson plan he will use.

Day 10 (afternoon):
TA practices his subject matter (demo), further practice it more!

Day 10 (evening):
TA practices once more, until he got tired to hit his bed!

Day 11 (morning):
TA wakes-up early for his final demo and partly interview; they are not allowed yet to leave the school (even if they are done with their work/demo). So others can still have audience for their respective demo.

Day 11 (afternoon):
TA goes back to the school and have his papers/credentials evaluated and computed for its equivalent points.
Panels/teachers check the correctness of the evaluation by the TA.
School head/supervisor inform all the TA about the demo/hands-on of their skills be it sports, cooking, singing, dancing, playing instrument and/or computer skills.

Day 11 (evening):
TA takes the needed break!

Day 12 (morning):
TA goes back to the school for his demo of his other skills.
Panel evaluates and give respective grades/points to various skills perform.
Inform the TA about the schedule for the Province examination (English Proficiency)

Day 12 (afternoon and evening):
TA waits again anxiously for the result of his work.
School heads designate one panel/teacher to evaluate and compute TA point grades.

Day 15 (morning and afternoon):
TA goes to the Division Office for his Proficiency examination in English.

Day 15 (evening):
Again, TA waits again anxiously for the result of the overall ranking.

Day 16 (morning and afternoon):
Division Supervisor evaluates again the TA folders, give points based on God knows what! Prepare the ranking of the TA in their respective municipalities.

Day of vanquish:

District Supervisor, Division Supervisor, Regional Supervisor, school heads, and/or principals decide and manipulate the fate of all Teacher Applicants!

They make recommendation based on "kaibigan, kakilala, inaanak, kapamilya, and bayaran system!) Not on merit, not base on papers/points, not on qualification and definitely not on "JUST" evaluation!

Most of the time teacher applicant that passes the legal way could not and surely, will not get the post! Why it's because of the bureaucratic procedure our DepEd officials are following, they simply ignore the proper rules/procedures. One would ask, what's the purpose of the DepEd guidelines/memo that they waited before accepting applicant?

Various NGO groups are concerned about the plight of our present educational system, if only they would hire base on qualification, they can be assured of the efficiency and positive outcome of our graduates!

A story that needs to be told:

One TA applies in one of the public elementary schools here, with no experience, no solid background, no certificate, no nothing at all! Well, for obvious reason she ranks among the lowest of all the TA's! But guess what! that same year she was hired by no less than the supervisor! Well it's so happen that the TA is one of the daughters of the Supervisor! Rank 1, 2 and 3 filled a complaint in the provincial district; the complaint was taken but was not given just action!

Another great story that will surely melts your heart:

A public teacher is really having a hard time getting her promotion for years now, almost every year she files her papers hoping she would get promoted, but sad to say no!

The last thing I heard, the teacher is now a Master teacher 1! A great leap from teacher I (promotion is base on merit and years, if I'm not mistaken) we just learned that the promotion was the product of buying the supervisor's car! (An old one use in action film) that's a great way to fulfill your dreams right?!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

One click and we're gone!

It was in June 2002 when our school inaugurated here at Tarlac; we have a very clear objective; to provide competitive education at an affordable price to students! (The lowest rate in the province of Tarlac)

I was not yet a part of this pro-poor educational institution, I was teaching then at a well known secondary school from the same town, when my former college instructor offered me a job to teach computer subjects in college, at first I was hesitant but nevertheless, I accepted the job not for the salary (I'm earning twice from my former job) but for the students! I know by being part of this undertaking, I would and could help hundreds of indigent students face their future even with little arsenal on hand! I know in my heart how noble teaching is! But some people just don't care at all; worst it's the school president's son who's pulling us down!

Since the school inception, all our administration team did, was to put everything into perspective especially the legality of the school, since there are lots of fly-by-night schools nowadays, 2005 was the celebrated year as we call it, because it is when we manage to passed the very strict requirements of the Commission of Higher Education (CHED) and eventually succeeded to make this school a LEGAL, Government Recognized educational institution! That can greatly help prepare the future of our indigent student!

It's true we don't have the numbers yet, since it's still very young but gradually were increasing not in volume (since we have lots of competitor here) but slowly increasing! But the presidents' son wants us to pull a miracle that is; we need to get a 100% increase of enrollees! Come this semester or he close and kills the future of our student! Just like that and we're gone just like CLICK! Magazine, for all the hardship, pain, and dedication we offered for our students…..just a click!

As we bid goodbye, we would like to say to our students "it is good to be of service!"


Sunday, January 29, 2006

And the story of Jueteng and Bishop’s continues!

It's seems Archbishop Oscar Cruz (AOC) is really close to the jueteng community!

The Philippine Star had an article (again for the nth time) about AOC and the jueteng community, some 200 local jueteng workers trooped to the residence of the province’s Bishop to demand that they be given work!

And all AOC can say is, go ask work from the jueteng operators! Not from us bishop, bishop don’t have money (???????? You must be kidding!).

In my own experience, actually not really me! Jueteng generates lots of jobs; jueteng operators are no different from TraPos why? Well, they mobilized a crowd (or mob just like in TraPos rally) ask them to do things for their benefit (as AOC said) and pay them afterwards! But unlike in rallies, jueteng workers is almost a lifetime (well almost) and it really do wonders not just for the public officials under it's payola but also the small family that depends on it!

This is a Dog eat Dog world! And jueteng operators use its worker and vice-versa!

I learned this story from my former students; families of 6 (including the parents) survive the hard life here in the Philippines by JUST working at a local jueteng den! They manage to send their children not just to elementary and secondary but also in college by doing that illegal job our church leaders is preaching! The eldest did graduated is now working (not jueteng related) the youngest is in elementary and unfortunately the 3rd one stop studying (since the stoppage of jueteng operators as order by our great mentors of the Good words of our Lord) and the second to the eldest is now a working student (but she could hardly study) right now four members of the family is working just to survive, even with four of them working they could hardly feel they are winning the battle of poverty!

Now tell me, is jueteng really EVIL?
Can the church provide livelihood for the poor?
Where do all the love offering, donors and sponsor’s money go? Ah yes I nearly forgotten it! It's the huge churches nationwide where the people can go to seek shelter and when they need help, for God’s blessing!

Ah forgive me father for I have sinned! Amen!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Please help our kababayan Bone Marrow needed

URGENT: please help save my cousin's life

My cousin Christine in the US is battling cancer, and urgently needs to find a bone marrow donor. Unfortunately, finding a perfect match for her bone marrow type is particularly difficult. This is hard enough for the average person; there are over 20,000 types of bone marrow, so the average person has a 1 in 20,000 chance of finding a match. These numbers are even worse for Christine. Because she is Filipino, she needs to find a donor of the same ethnic background, and there are hardly any Filipinos on the US National Registry.

Right now is our best chance of having the Bone Marrow Transplant work. Each day's delay decreases her chances of surviving. Please contact your Filipino friends or relatives in the
US, and ask them to contact their friends. Anyone you know who is all or part Filipino and between the ages of 18 and 61 is a potential donor. The system is nationwide, so it doesn't matter where they live. Signing up on the registry is easy and painless. All it requires is a simple blood test. Some hospitals charge a small fee for this blood test, however the fee is routinely waived for minorities, and often for Caucasians as well, especially if you are willing to donate a pint of blood.

You can find a registration center by selecting your state on the map on this website. These centers can refer you to bone marrow drives in your community.

There is also a wonderful organization in
Los Angeles that arranges free registration for Filipino donors.

If you have trouble finding a site in your area, have any trouble finding a place to donate for free, or have additional questions, you can reach Christine's boyfriend Jacob at this email address:

jacobkrueger [at]

You can reassure your friends that signing up for the registry does not require donating any bone marrow. If it turns out they are a match, they will be contacted, and can make the decision at that point about becoming a donor.

There are lots of misconceptions about donating bone marrow. The procedure is considered minor, simple and safe. You will be anesthetized the whole time, so you will not feel anything. When the procedure is over, you may have some soreness in the area for a day or two and you may feel a little tired. That's it. The bone marrowyou donate is replenished within 3-4 weeks. And again, you will only undergo this procedure if your blood sample shows that you are a match and you decide to donate, in which case the slight soreness you'll be feeling will be saving someone's life.

All medical expenses for the donor will be covered by Christine's insurance.

You can find out more about the registry and the donation procedure at this website:

Maraming salamat!

Friday, January 13, 2006



How many of us used their Credit Card last year Christmas and New Year Celebration or ordinary day shopping spree? I for one bought a Christmas gift for my sister and the tag price is 400 lower than the regular price but since I’m buying on card they charged me using the regular price! And again charged by my issuing bank! I believe YES we are being charge more than we should be!

Sunday, January 1, 2006

LTO Pre-condition for Registration! (Chlorofluorocarbons aka CFC issue)

Just the other week before Christmas, Under Secretary Roberto T. Lastimoso, said that all vehicle owners's renewing their registration, shall comply first (check and correct) if their vehicle's air-conditions unit is still using the Banned CFC chemical!

Owner's of model's 1998-down can still breathe for now, because they still have until 2012 to comply (maybe due the additional cost of converting it) and for owner's of model's 1999-up, they CANNOT register their vehicle unless they have complied to the MEMO! - Bravo it's really great; at least we can help save our Ozone Layer!

BUT my question is how can they possibly implement it! if they cannot even monitor smoke belchers! I mean, guy's yes this is really a positive effort for the part of LTO helping save our fast deteriorating ozone layer! But how can they solve this BIG problem if they cannot even solve minor one!

Eg. # 01
someone told me, one can secure his/her license and registration in no time without going through the standard procedures for the said transactions!

Eg. # 02
LTO sign "Mag Ingat sa mga Fixers! - Transact only to authorize LTO officer at the cashier's window" - F@#$ me! Eh some of the employees are actually AUTHORIZE FIXERS! I took my student drivers license early quarter of 2005 and I believe it only worth about Php 125.00 but I ended up paying more than Php 200.00 why?! Well I've been there for 2 consecutive days and 6 hours and I'm really wasting my time just waiting for my student license! And since someone (LTO Employee) had already approach me if I want to expedite my application during my day 1 and 4 hours! I, in my frustration succumb to his greediness! And yes, paid him more than 200 bucks!

It won't surprise me if in the next few days I'll see some brand new vehicle still using the banned chemical (CFC) REGISTERED!

TAX Exemption for minimum wage earners?

Recently Sec. Patricia Sto. Tomas of DOLE announce that all employee with minimum wage will be exempted from paying their withholding tax! Starting this fiscal year! And so long for as the employee is earning a minimum wage! - That's great right?! Especially for us minimum earners!

But BIR Secretary Guillermo L. Parayno told that, the president has no authority to issue such order! And that should it be implemented, the employee shall pay the government his/her due if the congress said otherwise!

Meaning to say, if madam President sign and order the said recommendation BUT the congress did not approve it! The employee's shall REFUND the government its dues!

How's that for our Christmas and New Year gift! Cool ha as in coolang sa pag-iisip!

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