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Sunday, January 29, 2006

And the story of Jueteng and Bishop’s continues!

It's seems Archbishop Oscar Cruz (AOC) is really close to the jueteng community!

The Philippine Star had an article (again for the nth time) about AOC and the jueteng community, some 200 local jueteng workers trooped to the residence of the province’s Bishop to demand that they be given work!

And all AOC can say is, go ask work from the jueteng operators! Not from us bishop, bishop don’t have money (???????? You must be kidding!).

In my own experience, actually not really me! Jueteng generates lots of jobs; jueteng operators are no different from TraPos why? Well, they mobilized a crowd (or mob just like in TraPos rally) ask them to do things for their benefit (as AOC said) and pay them afterwards! But unlike in rallies, jueteng workers is almost a lifetime (well almost) and it really do wonders not just for the public officials under it's payola but also the small family that depends on it!

This is a Dog eat Dog world! And jueteng operators use its worker and vice-versa!

I learned this story from my former students; families of 6 (including the parents) survive the hard life here in the Philippines by JUST working at a local jueteng den! They manage to send their children not just to elementary and secondary but also in college by doing that illegal job our church leaders is preaching! The eldest did graduated is now working (not jueteng related) the youngest is in elementary and unfortunately the 3rd one stop studying (since the stoppage of jueteng operators as order by our great mentors of the Good words of our Lord) and the second to the eldest is now a working student (but she could hardly study) right now four members of the family is working just to survive, even with four of them working they could hardly feel they are winning the battle of poverty!

Now tell me, is jueteng really EVIL?
Can the church provide livelihood for the poor?
Where do all the love offering, donors and sponsor’s money go? Ah yes I nearly forgotten it! It's the huge churches nationwide where the people can go to seek shelter and when they need help, for God’s blessing!

Ah forgive me father for I have sinned! Amen!


Dean Jorge Bocobo said...

Dear Open Mind,
During the Senate hearings, it was said that daily jueteng collections in the Philippines amounts to about 200 million pesos daily. That is TWICE the gross daily income of the entire CELLPHONE INDUSTRY. So how much of that 200 million pesos a day do you say goes to the poor workers? Do you a want a government or La Cosa Nostra?

(No one in particular, just passing through, thanks...regards to Paniqui, nice town, Mabuhay Iglesia Independiente de las Islas Filipinas!)

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