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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Armageddon Values

Last week I was lucky enough to find time to watch Armageddon, I believe most of you already seen the movie but I would like to share my 2 cents worth opinion about the movie character and values I discerned from the movie!

"The love of a father to his children!"

We know for a fact that father as one of the pillar of the family don't shows emotion so easily they rather stay at the back applauding secretly than be seen in public crying out their hearts. Bruce Willis, the father in the movie how shown what a father can do for his children! He doesn't need to say anything by just watching you can feel the overflowing love he has for his daughter!
I might consider my self as one who has experienced such scenario! I was the eldest among the siblings but at my young age I already felt that my father seems to love more my younger sister and brother but I keep mum about it, I just waited that one day my father would also love me the way he does with his other siblings! I have never seen nor heard him in public giving credit to or even bragging about me the way he does with my younger brother, but I never lost hope I just keep waiting until I met one of his close friend a few years back and he told me that yes my father always in every situation he can, brags about me more than my two younger siblings! And now I'm really doing everything I can to again give him something new to brag about me - I would try to pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET Exam) this coming August 27, 2006! I'm hoping and prying that I would pass the examination! - For my parents especially my father!


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