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Monday, December 3, 2007

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You might think what’s with the title right? Nothing much except, I just notice it late this evening. Well read my story….

During my high school years I remember my father bought a white container for water storage, since that eon marks the start of our towns minor water supply crisis so as to the need for the said container. So there you have it the brief background of our so called “unlucky white container”.

Call me paranoid but the first incident I can recall is, with that same eon when my father bought that container it was one bright morning I saw the container and just felt the desire to fill it up for no serious reason, but a couple of hours passed by one of our neighbor’s house went on fire for still unknown reason! Yes our white container was used to put that fire off! Call me weird but it did happen!

Years after that paranoia era of mine and due to some family problem, I with my younger sister decided to move to a decent yet small apartment far away. Were suddenly towns away from our former flat nonetheless, we started living in a peaceful and simple life but on our 6th month in our new temporary house, I again saw the need to fill up our white container (yes I brought it with me when I left our house) sensing no eminent danger whatsoever and with mix of fun and game I fill it up, up to the brim. Believe me minutes after, somebody outside my flat is calling for help and pails of water! It turns-out that a group of drinkers not far from my flat accidentally set their nipa-hut on fire that was near to a rows of houses! And do I need to say it? Yes my white container was used again to put that fire off for the 2nd time now!

I think God is with me all the time guiding me and my younger sister away from harm! (Especially fire) Think what you want! Say what you think! But for all the reason I have why I always feel the needs to fill up that F~!@*&^% white container! I really DON’T KNOW! But to continue my saga, it was one Saturday morning when I decided to wash me clothes (which I don’t usually do, since my younger sister do all the laundry!) well to cut the story short I did! So after washing all my stuff I (again!) took my white container out in-front of my new flat (we’ve been here for 4 years now) but now with a definite reason! That is, to wash Galactica (the name I gave to my Honda Wave! Btw, my Mountain bike worth Php 25,000+ yes I need to include the price! is named Galatea after the movie Bicentennial Man) so as the story continues, I took it out of my flat put it in-front and filled it with water. However due to Filipino influence (Juan Tamad) I decided not to push thru with my initial plan! But two days after I pitiless left my container, the 3rd incident happen!

At about 6:30PM I was on my way home from my girlfriend (soon wife) house. A few blocks away from my flat I saw a lively fire dancing in the air thinking it might be some farmers burning their crops I did not pay much attention to it, but nearing my place a throng of human carrying pails of water and a gigantic fire welcomed me near my entrance it was really scary were just mere 10meters away from the burning inferno which accidentally caught one of my neighbor’s house!

The Funny thing is, the first thing I saw was my precious, God given, Blessing from above, genuine friend, loyal tool and our savior for so many times “white container” they asked my younger sister if they can use it which for obvious reason she said yes (not the man asking but for the container) and mind you with constant prayers and our very own distinct traits of “Bayanihan” we successfully put that fire off even before the firemen came! (A mere 200meters away from the scene and they clock in 1hour after the fire!).

I would have loved to take pictures from the scene so to support my story but got no time to do so.

And I promise you all from this day onward I shall put in mind that, that white container is a reminder of how God uses simple tools to help us in our day to day living and how powerful God is!

Now you might be asking why the title? Well I just forgot to put the sub-title “
A Good Omen that can save your life

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