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Monday, August 21, 2006

EXAM of my LIFE!

In a few days from now I shall take my LET Exam, the exam that will change my life forever! at Baguio City this is a major exam for me and maybe the turning point of my life! Since I was a kid I never dream of becoming a teacher not in my wildest imagination!
At my young age I was exposed with various teachers with various identities and attitude towards teaching, what I mean is they are different in front of the students and in front of other officials (local supervisor and division supervisor) they hardly teach and always ask for a financial contribution. It made an impact that teacher are no good! And started planning that when I grew up I will not take "Education Courses" for one simple reason - they S**ks!
When I went to college I've already decided to take Electrical Engineering, but due to some unplanned decision I was force to take up Computer Programming at first I was hesitant to learn, I don't want to understand why and what is a computer? I'm not even interested to find where the "enter" key is or what DOS is! In short I don't really care about the course or computer in particular! But after a few months I notice that some of my classmate are having a hard time figuring what they need to do for this particular programming language while I already finish it ahead of time! That's when I realized that there is money in the said course; I started offering to do their case studies for a fee! I might say I consider my self as a working student, well sort of!
After I graduated from my first course, I took a one semester break before enrolling again in my second course - BS in Computer Science! Yes computer again!
Right after I graduation, I was hired as a computer teacher; DON'T EVEN DARE ASK HOW AND WHY I ACCEPTED THE OFFER! Because until now I don't know why! Well to cut the story short, while teaching computer subjects in secondary level I enrolled in my third course, to satisfy DepEd requirements for teaching and you won't believe it! Yes it's BS in Secondary Education major in Math! And right now I'm enrolled in my Master studies! That's the reason why I need to take that exam! Because the student that once hated teachers is now a true blooded "Educator"!

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