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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Nationwide Green Highway Project

The government and a non-government organization launch last August 25, 2006 its pilot project – green highway! With the help of local government unit, various schools (primary to tertiary), volunteers, environmentalist and concern individuals.

The said project was envisioned to help lessen the impact of flooding nationwide and also make our national road green and clean. Participants were advised to manned their respective trees and wait till 10A.M before we start planting, we were not informed that the said project will commence after the PGMA plants her assign tree at Luneta park! That’s the only time we shall start planting ours, but due to bad weather condition we have no choice but to start planting earlier otherwise, we are putting the lives of our student at risk!

We are assigned near one of the busiest national road in our province and small amount of rain started pouring slowly, that’s why as their secondary parents, we decided to start planting the trees assigned to us before the heavy downpour of rains! But all of the sudden some TraPos from nowhere came, sort of a national guard berating some of our students why they started ahead of time! Funny how they think but hey they are politicians (TraPos) remember? They don’t put into consideration the health of our students who’s been under the sun long before they arrive! Mind this, after we planted the trees, a group of Class A & B aristocrat personalities and politico’s started appearing from nowhere! Oh yes I forgot, there’s a photo-op after the planting! Hehe Filipinos don’t underestimate them hehe.

Well we did our part it’s now up to all of them what will happen next chapter!

Examination Tips

Last August 27, 2006 I took my Licensure Examination for Teachers at Baguio City. It was my first time to take the exam and as a first timer I made sure that I’m prepared (I thought so) for the examination and whatever will happen on that day! Contrary to my sister comment that I’m too prepared and exited, it was the other way around! Since I’m with Sir Robert (a native of the city) a new found friend who also took the exam I was too confident that nothing would go wrong but ended up very very much WRONG!

When we arrive at the venue of the examination I was surprised that Sir Robert does not remember well the in and out of the said venue! We ended up asking security personnel and after almost an hour of asking and walking we finally found my room assignment! After he left (since were on different room assignment) I hurriedly prepared my stuff i.e. applicant number, letter from the Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC), pencils, eraser, calculator, and snacks.

After unloading my baggage, I took a sit to near the window to at least acclimatize the place! (I was the last to arrive) A few minutes more the teachers assigned as the room assignment came, they started giving us instruction, asking us to sign this and that, and rearranging the seats. At exactly 8A.M. we started the first part of the examination, after two hours of nerve and back braking examination they gave us a couple of minutes break! After we all settled in, we started the second of the three part examination, which for me is more difficult since I’m not an Education Grad! And unfortunately consumed most of my time thinking (am I?) that results in me not answering all the questionnaires! After the second part, I took a quick lunch in a nearby canteen a few meters away from my assign room.

By 2:30P.M. We are again at our toes; we started the third and final examination (our Major subject) with much energy and enthusiasm that slowly as the exam progress drips away until we could no longer bare the pressure to pass the examination! By 5:30P.M. We all felt exhausted taking the examination!

For all new examinee (and feeling new), read on!

Do arrive early – even if you’re with someone who knows the place it’s still safe to go the venue a day before the examination and at least an hour before the call time!

Do get a decent watch – yes you read it right! Watch! Time management is very important in taking any examination, since cell phone is a no-no inside the room your only first line of defense is a simple watch!

Do not overload your stuff – yes don’t overload your backpack or buy too much for your snack! Believe me you could hardly open your food while taking the examination and besides you will be given ample time for your lunch, snacks and also for personal hygiene.

Do mix and match – hmm sounds strange right? Nope, really do mix and match with the venue and the climate! It’s really relaxing when you wear comfortable outfit for a particular climate and/or venue! Since I took my examination at Baguio I decided to wear sweatshirt on top my shirt and loose pants. And throughout the examination I never felt I was in Baguio or felt the freezing temperature that day!

Pause – yes, pause if you need to! Remember answering all the questionnaires (520 items) can be tough on your neck and back so it’s really practical that you pause for a while, stand and stretch whenever needed! (After all it’s not illegal to stand during the examination) and could also revitalize your thinking prowess.

Ignore them all – yes, even for that day be selfish (you’ll be thanking me later) NEVER ever look at your room mates on how they progress or what number they are now! DON’T! Look at examinee walking at your window, room, and door! This will only make an impression that you’re not doing well and that you might not finish the examination on time! That in return will hamper your intelligent thinking (assuming you have one – just kidding) prowess and will; believe me! Will make you scamper for answers.

Check it more – I know what you’re thinking, that you answered it all because you know your self! This my friend is very much NOT TRUE, why? Well because I’m also like you blinded by that notion who does not want to be corrected, I’m telling you it wont make you less intelligent when you re-check your answer two times or even three times! When I took the examination I have that traits with me, long before I took the examination I already INFORMED my self that I won’t re-check my answer for fear of temptation! Temptation to change my answer but during the first part of the examination I took a quick review of my answer sheet and voila! Indeed there are two questions I forgot to answer! So my friend challenge your self even for that day only!

Throw away your worries – Don’t think of your friend, relatives and love ones teasing when you failed your examination DON’T! It will dampen your mood and enthusiasm to pass! That’s why it is advised to leave all your worries in your house when you leave for the examination!

And lastly as my mentors will always tell me, be intelligent to take the exam!

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