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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Nationwide Green Highway Project

The government and a non-government organization launch last August 25, 2006 its pilot project – green highway! With the help of local government unit, various schools (primary to tertiary), volunteers, environmentalist and concern individuals.

The said project was envisioned to help lessen the impact of flooding nationwide and also make our national road green and clean. Participants were advised to manned their respective trees and wait till 10A.M before we start planting, we were not informed that the said project will commence after the PGMA plants her assign tree at Luneta park! That’s the only time we shall start planting ours, but due to bad weather condition we have no choice but to start planting earlier otherwise, we are putting the lives of our student at risk!

We are assigned near one of the busiest national road in our province and small amount of rain started pouring slowly, that’s why as their secondary parents, we decided to start planting the trees assigned to us before the heavy downpour of rains! But all of the sudden some TraPos from nowhere came, sort of a national guard berating some of our students why they started ahead of time! Funny how they think but hey they are politicians (TraPos) remember? They don’t put into consideration the health of our students who’s been under the sun long before they arrive! Mind this, after we planted the trees, a group of Class A & B aristocrat personalities and politico’s started appearing from nowhere! Oh yes I forgot, there’s a photo-op after the planting! Hehe Filipinos don’t underestimate them hehe.

Well we did our part it’s now up to all of them what will happen next chapter!


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