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Sunday, November 5, 2006

A Collection of Thoughts


Sometimes, it’s just the fun of sharing happy times and laughter.

Sometimes, it’s the trust and openness between warmth, the understanding and us.

Sometimes, it just knows that you’re there…

These are the things that make you special to me.

I love all that you are to me

I love being yours.

I love all the joys that you bring, from our most intimate moments alone to the pride I feel in you when we’re not out somewhere together.

I love all that we share.

I love the laughter, the understanding, and the fact that so much about us – our minds, our bodies, our hearts, our feelings – should touch so closely and perfectly together.

Most of all, I love you and the gentle man you are to me, the sensitive and loving man you save just for me when we’re alone together.

To have you there

I can’t begin to tell you how much it means just to have you around…to be with, to talk with, and to make new memories with….

Always caring, always interested, always everything a man could be.

I can’t begin to tell you just how important you are to me!

Thank you for being you

Thank you for being so generous with your own very special gifts of thoughtfulness and caring, loving and laughter, serenity and joyfulness.

Thank you for being so generous with the very special gift of yourself!

You are my man… you are my blessing

Your name is the fist thing I mention everytime I count my blessings, for that’s what you are to me. A blessing that fills my days with happiness, my dreams with you, and my heart with love…

You are mine, and surely there can never be a dearer blessing than the man who shares my today, my yesterday, my tomorrow, and all my love.

I’m so thankful for you!

For all you do

I love you for everything you are, and for everything you do.

I love you for every smile you give me, for every word you speak and each touch of your hand.

I love you for all the beautiful moments you’ve given me, and everything we share.

For all these wonderful things and more… I love you.


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