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Monday, December 19, 2005

Computer Science Board Exam any?

What do you think about computer graduates taking up a board examination?
Great? Maybe to somebody but not to all!

During my seniors years in college (which is way back) we had some heated debate about what if we (computer grad) is mandated to take the board exam! Just like the law student they cannot practice their profession if they can’t pass the BAR exam!
Some said, board exam for computer grad is just another burden for the students and the parents! After 4 long years and a very expensive thesis defense! Now come a board exam! And still others would say its cool!
IMHO, I think there should be a board exam for computer grad! We must all take the examination! We’ve been preached before that computer and computer grad will play a vital role in the future! And that we are the future’s professional!? Yes we do have a high paying job (lots of hope!) were among the elite of the society! But there seems to be a small plastic type card PART missing within us! Yes this is just another plastic strip in our pocket that maybe after a few weeks of bragging will be tucked away for good! But hey this small plastic card will definitely makes a difference not for everybody but surely for the majority! But then again this is just my 2 cents point of view! What do you think?

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Full support for Open Source in the Philippines!

I’m just wondering why our beloved government wont support Open Source initiative like other countries do!

Don’t get me wrong, I know we have our DOST-ASTI who passionately molded Bayanihan Linux (now on its ver.3.1 I guess) and in the BL’s Manual we have our very own president telling us the important of Open Source for the Filipinos but other than her picture smiling (like you know what!) do we have anything more concrete to back on, how much is she or the government willing to sacrifice to embrace Open Source initiative to the fullest!? What happen to the promise POOR PC (bundled with Linux) that will liberate Filipinos! Is this another promise meant to be _ _ _ _ _ _ _! What do we really need to ensure the success of Open Source here in our country! Would it still possible!?

Philippines placed 6th!

We may have been humiliated by the recent news that, the Philippines is the 3rd most corrupt countries, and lets not forget we owe it to all TraPos (traditional politicians) lets give them a well (deserve!?) Round of applause {clap clap clap} if not for them we could not make it to the top 3! Isn’t that so sweet!

But the topic is not about those (~! @#$ %^&*) TraPos it’s about us the Filipino’s ranked 6th (positive note) yes you heard it right! We broke the top ten of most blogs! Recently updated from, still in top position (1) USA with 9623 blogs followed by UK 1153, Canada 1049, India 557, Australia 500, Philippines 445, Malaysia 406, Singapore 312, New Zealand 112 and South Africa 110. Which means more and more Filipinos are surfing and actually using the net (blog) to express them selves and also the NET is reaching more Filipinos now than before thanks to the world of blogging Filipinos are again united………

Monday, December 12, 2005

Tarlac/Paniqui/Gerona Linux Group

hmmmm...... what do you think....
madami n ding mga NewBie thats from Tarlac or its towns eh.....
can we start a Linux Group of our own so we can further study OpenSource?
is it possible kaya? will it work out?

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas po sa Lahat ng nagvivisit ng Blog ko
just keep on coming..... much more to come......

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Miscellaneous links

Anything under the sun this is my Miscellaneous links....

Office Computer Training
Our Placec Online
Listen Software

Cool Visual Basic Links

looking for a cool website for Visual Basic
check this out...... and stay cool :)

Chuck East
Just VB
VB Forums
Andrea VB
Free VB Code
Office Training
VB Tutor

Friday, December 9, 2005

Linux Magazines

Linux Magazines anyone?!
this sites includes gazettes.........

Trouble Shooters
O3 Magazines
Linux Focus
Linux Format
Math Thinking

Linux Cool Sites

check out this cool sites......... and enjoy.....
it has lots of free books, tutorials and stuffssss....

Free Tech Books
Linux Training
Linux Security
Free Computer Books
Best New Training

Ubuntu Linux

should anybody out there still needs ubuntu 5.04 linux CD's just send me an email.....
with your Full Name and address and i'll send it to you!
lets spread the Linux awareness.............

Protection for your codes

need protection for stuffsssss check this out......

Source Code
Black Belt

XML Cool Sites

starting to explore the world of XML you may want to check this out.....

XMLSpy Home Edition

Feed Section

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