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Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Emachine D730 and Isadora experience

I have been in the teaching profession long enough to explore and try many Open Source Application and Linux Distribution as well, I think when I left college Linux is still under incubation period. And we where already expose to the political and marketing arm of the would be World PC Kidnapper as far as operating system is concern.

    I for example was already using MS Windows 95 long before I knew Linux exist or Linus Torvalds for that matter, and I may say I'm quite good at it (using Bill Gates OS) and mind you the primary factor I could think of launching this piece of software from the ground up to its pedastal now is, the ease of use! I mean we must admit it using any variant of MS Operating System (excluding 3.1 and Win95) can be recognized as user friendly (newbie) all the time if not most of the time. And being one of the recipient, I would not proudly say yes, it is user friendly!

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