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Sunday, January 1, 2006

LTO Pre-condition for Registration! (Chlorofluorocarbons aka CFC issue)

Just the other week before Christmas, Under Secretary Roberto T. Lastimoso, said that all vehicle owners's renewing their registration, shall comply first (check and correct) if their vehicle's air-conditions unit is still using the Banned CFC chemical!

Owner's of model's 1998-down can still breathe for now, because they still have until 2012 to comply (maybe due the additional cost of converting it) and for owner's of model's 1999-up, they CANNOT register their vehicle unless they have complied to the MEMO! - Bravo it's really great; at least we can help save our Ozone Layer!

BUT my question is how can they possibly implement it! if they cannot even monitor smoke belchers! I mean, guy's yes this is really a positive effort for the part of LTO helping save our fast deteriorating ozone layer! But how can they solve this BIG problem if they cannot even solve minor one!

Eg. # 01
someone told me, one can secure his/her license and registration in no time without going through the standard procedures for the said transactions!

Eg. # 02
LTO sign "Mag Ingat sa mga Fixers! - Transact only to authorize LTO officer at the cashier's window" - F@#$ me! Eh some of the employees are actually AUTHORIZE FIXERS! I took my student drivers license early quarter of 2005 and I believe it only worth about Php 125.00 but I ended up paying more than Php 200.00 why?! Well I've been there for 2 consecutive days and 6 hours and I'm really wasting my time just waiting for my student license! And since someone (LTO Employee) had already approach me if I want to expedite my application during my day 1 and 4 hours! I, in my frustration succumb to his greediness! And yes, paid him more than 200 bucks!

It won't surprise me if in the next few days I'll see some brand new vehicle still using the banned chemical (CFC) REGISTERED!


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