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Sunday, May 7, 2006

Proclamation 1017 - the truth!

As the title said, I would like to share to you stories that would help you reflect the real score regarding Presidential Proclamation 1017 (PP1017).


Before, then President Ferdinand Marcos declared PP1081 (Martial Law) to curved lawless entity, millions of "innocent" civilians were victimized (tortured and killed) by the over powerful law enforcer! Until today many are still missing and for obvious reason presumed dead! (What else can we think of it!?)

What we think: It's acceptable in way, why? For one good reason we know that we are under Martial Law! And in better position on how to act/react to things done to us, we know for a fact that when some uniform men approach anybody he/she may need a miracle to stay alive to tell the story!

At least, WE KNOW!

Now, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declared PP1017 in the disguised of "state of emergency" to curved lawless entity etc…., traitors, rebellion, and coup plotters, millions of individual fear for their safety and believe me until today still feel the same way!

After so many sleepless nights, the president proudly recalled the implementation of the PP1017! And Juan Dela Cruz thought it was over!

Is it already lifted? Oh silly give us a break!


The media especially here in Region III, may not know it or they just don't want to write the story! Well here is a short story on how effective the lifting of PP1017 is!

Story #1:

Father Pedro is a great servant of our lord he's been practicing his vocation for quite some time now, serving the remotest (as the military describe it) part of the province, yes he is an Aglipay Priest a devoted one! Law enforcers always tagged
Aglipay Priest as "rebels" maybe because they served remote barangays? Or maybe it has to do with the history of Aglipay Church were they broke ties from the Vatican! Or is it just the psychic ability of our law enforcers in identifying rebels!

As the story goes, father Pedro was saying a mass one Sunday morning, for him it's just another same Sunday morning, wake up early, fix things, eat breakfast and go to church! Well this time he was wrong! During the mass, some uniform and none-uniform
units arrive from nowhere; shot him point blank in the face inside the church in front of his congregation! He was not given the chance to finish the mass, was not given the chance to defend himself in the court of law, was not given the chance to leave the church first before he was shot, and worst was not even given the chance to ask the young church goers to close their eyes before he was shot to death! No, not even a slim chance was given to father Pedro, he was brutally, cowardly, mercilessly, barbarically murdered! Inside the house of God!

Story #2: (mild one)

Father Juan, yes as you suspected also an Aglipay Priest! A great mentor, a loving father, follow everything under the constitution, a great source of spiritual uplifting, and a true friend!

After the brutal killing of Father Pedro, Father Juan had a consultation among the late priest's congregation, about the possible replacement of the late priest, he was informing them that they are having a hard time finding a priest to fill up the vacant position, and that they need to identify what measure they need to take in order not to repeat the incident again! What rule they need to follow to ensure the safety of the next priest and also for the military so they won't again suspect the priest as a rebel!
When from nowhere, a military truck appeared! some of the units position around the church and one officer went inside the church, one elder almost had a heart attack when she saw the army surrounding the church premises! Then the officer approach Father Juan and ask him what the meeting is for? Was it a plot/plan for the May 1 celebration! Are you all rebels? Out of anger (priest are humans also) Father Juan ask him why they killed his priest! Which the officer vehemently denied! (What else is new) they had a heated argument regarding the killing of Father Pedro! But when Father Juan saw that many of the congregation are trembling out of fear he just told the officer that it was about the replacement of the priest in that remote barangay! The officer went out of the church and waited for them to finish the meeting before also going back to their camp!

Story #3:

Tatay Inggo, a law abiding citizen! Peace loving, a good provider, a great father, a loving husband and a very nice neighbor! In short a true Filipino role model! But there is one big problem (for the military) he lives in a far-flung barangay!
It was harvesting time then, Tatay Inggo woke up early to put on his farm clothes, gather all his farm equipment, slip his breakfast onto one of his rice sock, and took malakas (carabao) to the farm. For Tatay Inggo it's just an ordinary day at the farm, he was wrong! That day before 12 noon as he prepares to eat Nanay's especial (mother) baon (meal) just for him, uniform men from the military came and with out any word beat Tatay Inggo badly that he could hardly walk (he was in his late 50's) and was brought to the camp/cell for investigation later that day Tatay was released! Why? Because it was a mistaken identity!

How could this be? They went in there without any warrant, beat the old man, and took him with them for further suffering, humiliation and abuse! Just to find out later that the old man is not the right one! Great! That's how you do it! Keep up the good work men you'll be in hell in no time, your mentor is there waiting for you all!@!#$%$

Now tell me, are we supposed to be happy by the lifting of PP1017? Well, I'm just asking you ask that to your self!


Anonymous said...

i just hope the government/filipinos can read this article.

i hope to see more of your work

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