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Sunday, February 12, 2006

One click and we're gone!

It was in June 2002 when our school inaugurated here at Tarlac; we have a very clear objective; to provide competitive education at an affordable price to students! (The lowest rate in the province of Tarlac)

I was not yet a part of this pro-poor educational institution, I was teaching then at a well known secondary school from the same town, when my former college instructor offered me a job to teach computer subjects in college, at first I was hesitant but nevertheless, I accepted the job not for the salary (I'm earning twice from my former job) but for the students! I know by being part of this undertaking, I would and could help hundreds of indigent students face their future even with little arsenal on hand! I know in my heart how noble teaching is! But some people just don't care at all; worst it's the school president's son who's pulling us down!

Since the school inception, all our administration team did, was to put everything into perspective especially the legality of the school, since there are lots of fly-by-night schools nowadays, 2005 was the celebrated year as we call it, because it is when we manage to passed the very strict requirements of the Commission of Higher Education (CHED) and eventually succeeded to make this school a LEGAL, Government Recognized educational institution! That can greatly help prepare the future of our indigent student!

It's true we don't have the numbers yet, since it's still very young but gradually were increasing not in volume (since we have lots of competitor here) but slowly increasing! But the presidents' son wants us to pull a miracle that is; we need to get a 100% increase of enrollees! Come this semester or he close and kills the future of our student! Just like that and we're gone just like CLICK! Magazine, for all the hardship, pain, and dedication we offered for our students…..just a click!

As we bid goodbye, we would like to say to our students "it is good to be of service!"



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