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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Armageddon Values

Last week I was lucky enough to find time to watch Armageddon, I believe most of you already seen the movie but I would like to share my 2 cents worth opinion about the movie character and values I discerned from the movie!

"The love of a father to his children!"

We know for a fact that father as one of the pillar of the family don't shows emotion so easily they rather stay at the back applauding secretly than be seen in public crying out their hearts. Bruce Willis, the father in the movie how shown what a father can do for his children! He doesn't need to say anything by just watching you can feel the overflowing love he has for his daughter!
I might consider my self as one who has experienced such scenario! I was the eldest among the siblings but at my young age I already felt that my father seems to love more my younger sister and brother but I keep mum about it, I just waited that one day my father would also love me the way he does with his other siblings! I have never seen nor heard him in public giving credit to or even bragging about me the way he does with my younger brother, but I never lost hope I just keep waiting until I met one of his close friend a few years back and he told me that yes my father always in every situation he can, brags about me more than my two younger siblings! And now I'm really doing everything I can to again give him something new to brag about me - I would try to pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET Exam) this coming August 27, 2006! I'm hoping and prying that I would pass the examination! - For my parents especially my father!

Monday, July 10, 2006

My Summit - NAE (Not Another Everest!)

Just last month I went up again at Baguio city, this time not for fun but for my future! Yes my future lays within the summit my temporary summit – Baguio City! I went there to file my application for the Licensure examination for Teacher (LET) yes, you are definitely right I’m taking the examination that would change my life forever!
At first I said I’ll hike up Baguio at 3:00 in the morning but since I’m deadly tired the previous night I woke up 4:00 AM! Oh my God I need to move fast coz I still need to travel 3 hours up to the summit! And by 4:30 I was on my way out of my flat, I was lucky enough to ride a bus by 5:00 AM from that point on I started thinking what changes did the city officials made to the summit I once love?
During my college days I would sneak away from school just to feel the coldness of Baguio, I think every month I would be on top the Philippines just having a peaceful walk along Burnham Park and after a few hours I would trek back to civilization just in time for the dinner! And when I’m feeling poignant again, I would again hike my favorite summit, I did that for 3 long years and right after graduating I was again lucky to land a job (though ever since I hated the idea of teaching, worst I hated public teachers before!) a teaching position in one of a prestigious secondary school here in Tarlac.
And even during my working days as ahem teacher, I would still sneak every examination just to have some moment with my self. It’s a sort of gift to my self oh did I forgot to tell you I treat my self to a wonderful meal in one of the cool places here in Tarlac every time I receive my salary! Incidentally I also did that for 3 years just like in my college days and since I only worked for that school for 3 years (that’s the reason).
And now I’m on my 3rd job (the first one is bookkeeping/collecting in one of our towns Cooperative’s) teaching also! I was hired by my former mentor to teach in college at first I was hesitant to accept the offer since I don’t see my self the way he sees me! But after mustering his convincing power over me I accepted it. And now I’m planning to try my luck in public teaching position that’s the reason why again for the nth time I went to my summit! And after that brief reminisce I found my self in a very familiar place, I said a yes this is my summit – Baguio City!
One thing I first noticed is that the hillside is full of houses already; it used to be just trees! And now its trees and house then tree and house then house and house and lots of houses! When I took a few step away from my ride that’s the time I realized that it’s not that cold anymore compared during my insanity years when I used to go here! Gone are the art deco and the forest atmosphere! Today we see infrastructure here and there building here and there and who won’t notice this gigantic city – SM Mall!
Then it hit me, does it mean that’s how long I did not visit my summit? Maybe?
And out of nowhere I heard shouting and blowing of horns at first I did not put much attention to it but when I look around I saw the face of this angry taxi driver shouting at me while blowing his horns! I realized how stupid I am to evoke my golden years in the middle of the busy road! So I went on, saying and signaling sorry walk to the PRC building which was temporarily housed inside the court of appeals building, when I got there I saw how long the queue is I hastily walk and line up with others only to find out 15 minutes later that I was on the wrong set of examinee (I’m taking secondary exam) I was queuing on the primary group so I went on the opposite side of the building where I found the line for secondary, It took us almost 4 hours just to reach the 1st window (checking) right after I finish my transaction on the 1st window we heard an announcement that we need to return after lunch! So quickly with my new found friends from Baguio and La Union we took a snappy lunch (brunch) and even before we could finish up our meal we found our selves again falling inline for the 2nd window (cashier) after less than an hour were on our way to the 3rd window (stamp and envelope) by 2:00 in the afternoon we are violating our patience already! In the 4th window (legal office) after an hour or so we now face the attendant on the 5th window (checking piercing) and by 5:00 PM in front of the 6th and last window (further checking and piercing) and before 6:00 PM came we are done! Whoa! At last we are done!
Now we patiently wait the confirmation and room assignment letter that PRC officials will send us! And hopefully wish me all the luck I would pass the LET Examination!

And to end with, I would like to ask you all who read this post to kindly include me in your prayer!

Other is asking me how much it cost me, I simply tell them i lost count!

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