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Thursday, May 24, 2012

USU Desktop Linux 7 Review

USU 7.0.1 Based on Ubuntu Release 11.04 (Natty)
Kernel 2.6.38-10-Generic
Gnome 2.32.1

It took me awhile to do a full review of this new found treasure since I have to make a sharp turn to try and review Clem's New Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon, it was worth the side trip see the review here but back to USU Linux 7 Desktop. When I wandered out of LM after the release of LM 12, I decided to start looking for other alternatives and found Comice OS 4 and USU Linux 7 Desktop for which I am drafting a review. I might say USU Linux is one of the many unsung hero in the field of Open Source / GNU Linux area and I was caught by its simplicity and functionality based on what its portal claims, so I decided to take a look of these would be popular Linux Distro read on.

            like other Ubuntu Linux USU uses the same interface but with one prominent annoyance after booting and offering its desktop one dialog box appears informing the user of various tips to use USU but the big problem is it does not show/displays anything except for a blank window screen! Other than that the look and feel is somewhat LM Isadora an area that can still be improve just like what LM team have done to LM 13.

Ease of Use
            the feeling is similar to LM 13 very much user friendly but the only drawback is offering the desktop on its native language which is Bulgarian, it maybe a small problem if you have already decided to try and install it in your machine for you can simply select your preferred language and it will automatically translate the installation language but if your simply testing the distro out then the problem magnifies! imagine how can an english speaking user interact with the default language. How I wish the USU Team offers alternative language upon boot-up that would ensure catering to both tester and would be new user.

            Graphics        -           Great.
                                                I love the added application such as DIA, Scribus and Inkscape.
            Sound & Video -      Great.
                                                Kino, Miro, ISO File Editor and AviDemux what else can I ask for!
            Games           -           Good.
                                                I always works long hours driving onto my keyboard and its always a blast to burn a few minutes playing.
            Internet          -           Great.
                                                I'm an avid transmission user so I was a bit skeptical about the  torrent app their offering (flush) but to my surprise it does what it do best downloading torrents just like my fav app. I was always praying that Clem include skype on its every release atleast USU made my day!
            Educational  -           Superb!
                                                A treasure trove for educator like myself.
            Office             -           Great.
                                                Gramps, Homebank and OpenProject is definitely a welcome addition.
            Accessories  -           Superb!
                                                Alarm Clock, xCHM, DOS Box Emulator, Virtual Box and atlast Search for Files GUI that do the job pretty well and accurately.
            System Tools -          Good.
                                                Anti Virus Installer (though you wont need it using Linux) and LiveUSB Install.
            Universal Access -   No Remarks.
                                                Since I do not use included application, sorry.
            Wine               -           Great.
                                                After installing any Linux Distro its been my habit to install Wine and Virtual Box this time it came pre-installed thank USU Team.

Hardware Detection
            Never been happy LM, Comice and USU do the job well detecting my gadgets from printers to USB Modems.

Memory Footprint
            Just above LM 13 (10MB more) but the firepower of this distro justifies the memory consumption.

            Though seldom mentioned its existence USU Linux proves it can bring down the stars from its pedestal, if you don't always jump to new version of installed application then its a blast to use!
            A must for newbie like me a definite contender of Ubuntu and LM, like Comice OS 4 this flavor of Linux is destined to succeed with a bang to brag!

My Rating:

A Great Distro, my rating is 9.7 / 10! 
“Linux Mint 13 is my HOME but USU 7 Desktop is now my family”

Editor’s note: USU Linux 7 Desktop was compared against Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon  and Comice OS 4.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Linux Mint 13 Review

Linux Mint 13
Kernel 3.2.0-23-Generic
Gnome 3.4.1

I was testing out USU Linux (USU Linux Review) when I heard that Clem released two version of Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon and Mate, since I am a LM fan boy myself, I took some time off with my current review and downloaded linuxmint-13-cinnamon-dvd-32bit-rc and have it installed to fully experience the greatness of a distro I always believe it has to be installed otherwise you'll missed half of the fun it has to offer.

After installing it to my handy 4 gig flash drive I gave it a go, booting always runs sweet be it Helena up to katya after a few beeps and seconds LM displays its wallpaper LM Maya quite an art work before installing I decided to take it for a little spin first before christening it to my drive.

            I love the new look Clem decided to adopt for this release, with my 3 days of intensive usage I find cinnamon very promising might be the successor of gnome, KDE and maybe including LXDE! to think that it’s still on its RC stage at the time of this review. I will put a bet a few months more this will be a tough contender in the GUI industry!
            When Clem's team offered LM 12 I was one of the many who turn their heads around for an alternative to LM and found a new love under the wings of Comice OS 4 and USU Linux. At that turning point in my computing experience I dont know if I would return to LM again but this offering by Clem's Team have proven that LM indeed is destined to replace Ubuntu in its position as top Linux Dog!
Ease of Use
            do we have to really delves in this area? I mean its LM for crying out loud! With this release LM just solidifies its hold on the “ease of use” category I would not like to waste your time for something you/we already knows the answer!

            Accessories – my only take here is the imagewriter it does not seem to function effectively I tried using it a couple of times to no avail.
            Graphics – just functional
            Internet – good (hope next time they add Skype and chrome)
            Office – great
            Sound and Video – good (could not play wmv files though)
            System Tools – good as always (though power statistics seems similar to system monitor)
            Preferences – great
            Administration - great
            Request – please kindly include geany and other programming languages (C++, Python,  scratch...)
Hardware Detection
            No doubt this is an area LM does not astray itself from, always great from Boot-Up to shutdown I would definitely say hands down superb!

Memory Footprint
            Surprisingly with additional arsenals here and there it did not wreak havoc to its memory! Memory consumption is at its prime and leanest! Just like Comice OS 4 and USU (review to follow) definitely a must for other Distro out there.

My Rating:

All in all, my rating is 9.5 / 10! 
“I wandered before but now I'm back to my HOME thanks Clem and Team”

Editor’s note: Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon was compared against Comice OS 4 and USU Linux.

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