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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gone Too Soon – Rt. Rev. Joaquin A. Siongco, Jr.

Days passed-by; still I can’t type a word to start my story. It was during my senior years that I would meet the person I call now – Tatay (father) Jas; he was good old looking, always in jeans, sporty and quite snappy well that’s how Tatay Jas is to me.

Our first meeting did not send any special connection right away; it will take months after, he being one of my professors asks me to do something related to my subjects and for the school as well and so I did but with a heavy heart, I felt it’s not really part of my academic task to do such thing. Well in short I did the job shabbily and was easily spotted by Tatay Jas! I was so embarrassed that when he confronted me about it I tried circumventing his instruction to favor my work! But this man who happens to possess a crazy memory genes turn around to stare right thru my eyes and stated the same instruction complete with punctuations as they were being given to me few weeks back! I was so taken-aback, I really thought I could escape from this situation but I did not and cannot! That’s how he earned my respect, he always tells us not to ask or beg for respect but to always work your way to earned it with a firm footing!

After I graduated I took a teaching job in a private secondary school, where I thought computer subjects for the junior and senior students of the said institution. It took us another three (3) more years before our path crosses again, these time he ask me if I could convince myself rechanneling my teaching prowess from secondary to a tertiary position. At first I was a bit reluctant; I could not imagine teaching in a tertiary environment. Maybe I just could not convince myself the idea of teaching college student, nonetheless I was swayed to accept the position and since I am a Snake Capricorn I told myself why not!

It will prove to be the most memorable chapters of my journey in life, along with some of his so called son’s and daughter’s (in our school), we shared five (5) long years of hardship, happiness, loneliness, and personal trials! Down the way we eventually became so close, a closeness built from loyalty, honesty and respect for each other. We are the best description of a Family without blood relation.

We shared tears of happiness and sadness; we came to be the shoulder of one another, be it financially or emotionally. We realized that success cannot be measured by how much money you have or the numerous medals/awards you own, but how you live and shared your life for the benefit of others. Tatay Jas became the fire that burns all our doubts, he became the light that guided us how to live life the meaningful way, the fuel that rev the volunteerism in us. He led us to where others would not dare to go, and kept us united!

During all those years, he expertly concealed his personal problems to alleviate ours, he with false smile made us smile to the people around us, he not being that financially stable always make it a point to loan us what he barely have, he who is always in great pain shows us the painless medicine in life. We, his so called sons and daughters only wish that we made his stay with us a happy and meaningful one!

 Three (3) years after his untimely death, I think I’m now ready to bid good bye to a friend, a counselor, a boss, a mentor we loved, cared for, and a person we call – Tatay Jas.

In memory of Rt. Rev. Joaquin A. Siongco, Jr.

Like a comet
Blazing 'cross the evening sky
Gone too soon

Like a rainbow
Fading in the twinkling of an eye
Gone too soon

Shiny and sparkly
And splendidly bright
Here one day
Gone one night

Like the loss of sunlight
On a cloudy afternoon
Gone too soon


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