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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gone Too Soon – Files, Programs, and Personal Stuff

A long long time ago (sounds like a song lyrics) I saw someone buying an external drive (WD Passport) in a mall well my first impression is, why invest in such device like that when you can buy another internal storage device that can be connected inside my machine no problem isn't it?

Well that same argument broke me and commanded me to kneel and howl a very resentful sigh! OMG! My storage drive did a last rumba for me and just like that it was gone… gone? WTF, all of my files, programs and personal stuff inside my drive was gone? 

Oh my,  you must be kidding me? nope that won’t happen  to I always secure my drive, I always checks for possible defects or any unusual sound, tick or anything that is not a daily thing for my machine! I was undeniably wrong! I just killed my own drive! Worst? I did not do anything to save nor back-up all my important files!

My files that I collected thru the years, my system files I created for my clients, my personal stuff I loaded-up unto my machine for easy access and storage, me being that so stubborn always telling myself that those thing happening with my friends, family and colleagues computer files will not happen to me not in a million times! that proves to be so dangerous and poisonous it led to my files loosing in a snap just like a zap and it gone, silly me…

To all waiting for my other reviews I am really sorry; I was so busy that I forgot to post it after my final review! Yes it was part of my files turn digital waste because of my erroneous belief!

My wife insisted we buy that thing I thought I won’t need, maybe I should have listen to my wife in the first place just maybe I could have salvage some if not all of my files...


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