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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Linux Mint Isadora – the conclusion

Test Areas:

  1. Installation
  2. Hardware Detection
  3. Look & Feel
  4. Applications
  5. Package Management
after almost insanely testing, using and configuring Isadora, I made the following honest observation;

  1. Installation went on smoothly even using Flash Drive as medium (debian does not believe in this method :))
  2. Drive partitioning is somewhere from easy to average, even for newbie (since I am one).
  3. Hardware Detection was pretty amazing also, even propriety one could it be were nearing Windows-Like hardware detection?
  4. The Look and Feel is somewhat calm, made by the default bluish themes installed.
  5. The Application needed for everyday use be it surfing, work related, or just plain entertainment was really a relief.
  6. The graphics is well beyond good,  including but not limited to watching movies though audio is a bit low as compared to other distro.
  7. Wlan/LAN connection is easily configured, you just need to supply some information regarding your network connection and thats it!
  8. When it comes to package management, I think it maybe good or average! The installation and un-installation task is quiet efficient what I don't like though is the way it search for an application even if your not really done typing the name of the application its quite annoying (on my part) it seems like the Google instant on method
  9. and lastly, I think I found some sort of hardware/software problem or bug if I'm allowed to call it as one? Well I notice when shutting down directly from the menu option to shutdown, it won't start after pressing the ON button of the laptop (Acer Emachine D730) honestly it seems weird. So I tested my Laptop without any linux distribution installed except for the Vista OEM installed and it does not have such annoying problem! And I then reinstalled again Isadora and true enough it won't let me start the machine even pressing the ON button of the laptop! While with other distro it does not shows such problems/bug why is that so? Well I found the (extra work) to solve this problem, first you have to logoff and from there just click the shutdown and whenever you press the ON button of the Laptop it just superbly work again!
I know this article might be a bit old since the RC 10 is quickly gaining its ground but do believe it may be some sort of help to others using maybe the same Machine as I have and with the same problem – again I don't claim expertise in the field of Open Source or Linux-Based Distribution for that matter this simply what I see as I used it.... cheers


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