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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Linux Mint 10 RC Julia Full Review

After a thorough use and testing of Linux Mint 10 32Bit RC Julia for quite sometime now I made the following observation enjoy!

I would like to start my review with a simple phrase I think best represent Linux Mint Julia 32bit - “Simply Amazing and Functional!”, the choice of icons for each and every application was a true knowledge of expertise and maturity! Indeed it was a sight so refreshing.

Let's do a top to bottom review of application installed with new features:

starting from accessories:
    The search files is not oozing with accuracy things that I did not see with the past version of Linux Mint

    One application that got me smiling is the addition of Gimp! A simply right thing to do.

    As I said earlier the icons was really a good one, especially for the Firefox it seems sending the macho signal out there telling every designer look this is how I should be design – macho and stable.

    When playing .asx over the internet firefox duplicates player! All I wanted is to be able to play it in my browser and not on separate media player (Mplayer) how can it be corrected? I tried changing the default application in the browser settings but the problem still the same! Really need help on this one.
Office 3.2 running without the splash screen is kinda weird at first but when you got used to it you would definitely say - “what a relief not seeing the Oracle BADge” or correct me is it GO-OO Office?

    One annoying bug (I think) is when I open a MS Word Formatted document the dictionary does not function at all whew! A person like me who always ask the help of Mr. Dictionary for some words/terms from unknown origin this was somewhat a disaster waiting to strike! But after a few downloads of dictionary files from the officiate site of OpenOffice it went on well. I even manage to install a thesaurus since as a writer we all need some refreshing word to substitute some common term we generally like to use almost every time!

Sound & Video
    VLC – Not Again! Why do you guys hate VLC so much? I mean we all love VLC a Very Loving and Caring Audio & Video Player and yet you! Yes you guys out there at Linux Mint Team always as if with conviction to not always include one of the greatest Multimedia Players in the entire Open Source Universe why!

    Totem Movie Player – do plays out-the-box with almost the as we call it in programming PRIMITIVE file-type but CANNOT play ALL media! Solution? VLC!
Error problem with some type – VDPAU LibVDPAU

    Gnome Player – do plays out-the-box with almost the as we call it in programming PRIMITIVE file-type but CANNOT play ALL media! Solution? VLC!
Error problem with some type – VDPAU LibVDPAU

System Tools
    System Profiler and Benchmarking is really a miracle for technicians! The quirky way of testing your devices and/or hardware is a great tool and handy also – just like the one we used in Puppy Linux.

    Software Manager – two thing, first I like the refreshing look and the quick response for viewing, searching and installing of applications!
    But gave birth to a new freaking annoyance ever think of! Why do we need to always authenticate every new installation we do when we already authenticated all or the first application we installed! Don't we supposed to have some sort of temporary admin privileged after providing Admin Authentication (Password)? Imagine after authenticating the installation of VLC I do need again to authenticate the installation of Geany? And Virtual-box and others when I haven't left Software Manager's window yet? Hmm for me SUPER annoying!

    Broadcast Accounts – this is truly a great idea to start with this section my only qualms is, I think and believe that the authentication screen/window should be on a separate browser window so as not to frighten would be user of this service. Don't get me wrong but I love the idea of a single interface for various social networking services but for a user afraid of identity theft I believe this would be a big issue not to be able to examine where the origin of this authenticating application? Hmm you would generate a lot of high flying eyebrows here put me in the tally right now! Seriously, if you guys can only show it in a browser instead of a application window I think that would lessen the fear of phishing! Just my thinking...

BTW, I love the NO – NAGGING Battery Annoyance! Gloria and Isadora are just two of the most annoying distro when it comes to battery reminders! Also, can you guys give us some option to adjust the brightness of our Laptop LCD regardless if its fully charge or not!

And lastly (promise), i love the concept of simultaneous copying of files while displaying new features of the distro cheers!

There you have it my few peso worth of observation!

watch for my next article - How Linux Mint 10 RC (Julia) left Fedora 14 behind” Linux Mint 10 RC (Julia) – a detailed review


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