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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Linux Mint 10 RC 32bit (Julia) Review

    as a newbie ( I think I am), the most frightening step is how to install a Linux Distribution! That's it plain and simple but for Linux Mint 10 Julia it was a breeze somewhat walking in the park the only annoyance I can consider is the initial screen where in it ask me to connect to the net prior to installation and for me it something unusual for such early stage of the installation process, nonetheless I opted not to connect for the time being and went on to the installation, the drive partitioning couldn't be easier like the one Julia offered! And for that it's a 9

Hardware Detection
    I don't have to write anything here since Linux Mint has been superb in handling hardware detection. I for my part have not encountered any hardware problem even with prior releases of Linux Mint from KDE to Debian! So it's a 10

Look & Feel
    though I love the green effect of Isadora but the metallic effect of Julia seems showcasing the maturity of the design, well hmmm simply engaging – 8.5

    is pretty good except that it does not include Wine, Vlc, and geany but it added Gimp and System Profiler and Benchmarking just like the one we use in Puppy Linux - 8

Package Management
    just like in Hardware Detection Julia do have some talent in Package Management though it would be nice to see some additional file open suggestion for some file not known by the system – 8

Installation - 9
Hardware Detection - 10
Look & Feel – 8.5
Applications - 8
Package Management - 8

Total Score is 8.7

watch for my next two reviews - “Linux Mint 10 RC (Julia) – a detailed review” and “How Linux Mint 10 RC (Julia) left Fedora 14 behind


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