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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Philippines placed 6th!

We may have been humiliated by the recent news that, the Philippines is the 3rd most corrupt countries, and lets not forget we owe it to all TraPos (traditional politicians) lets give them a well (deserve!?) Round of applause {clap clap clap} if not for them we could not make it to the top 3! Isn’t that so sweet!

But the topic is not about those (~! @#$ %^&*) TraPos it’s about us the Filipino’s ranked 6th (positive note) yes you heard it right! We broke the top ten of most blogs! Recently updated from, still in top position (1) USA with 9623 blogs followed by UK 1153, Canada 1049, India 557, Australia 500, Philippines 445, Malaysia 406, Singapore 312, New Zealand 112 and South Africa 110. Which means more and more Filipinos are surfing and actually using the net (blog) to express them selves and also the NET is reaching more Filipinos now than before thanks to the world of blogging Filipinos are again united………


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