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Monday, December 19, 2005

Computer Science Board Exam any?

What do you think about computer graduates taking up a board examination?
Great? Maybe to somebody but not to all!

During my seniors years in college (which is way back) we had some heated debate about what if we (computer grad) is mandated to take the board exam! Just like the law student they cannot practice their profession if they can’t pass the BAR exam!
Some said, board exam for computer grad is just another burden for the students and the parents! After 4 long years and a very expensive thesis defense! Now come a board exam! And still others would say its cool!
IMHO, I think there should be a board exam for computer grad! We must all take the examination! We’ve been preached before that computer and computer grad will play a vital role in the future! And that we are the future’s professional!? Yes we do have a high paying job (lots of hope!) were among the elite of the society! But there seems to be a small plastic type card PART missing within us! Yes this is just another plastic strip in our pocket that maybe after a few weeks of bragging will be tucked away for good! But hey this small plastic card will definitely makes a difference not for everybody but surely for the majority! But then again this is just my 2 cents point of view! What do you think?


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