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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pear Linux - Comice OS 4 Review

Comice OS 4
Build 01a07
Kernel 3.0.0-16Generic
Gnome 3.2.1

I am using Libre Office 3.4.4 Build 402 running under Comice OS 4 Build 01a07 to translate into words my experience in using this relatively new flavor of Linux a fork from Ubuntu Oneiric with a touch of Mac OS.

I discovered Comice OS from various Linux/Open Source site and reviews and since I'm also currently looking for a new Linux Flavor to review I decided to try and taste the aroma of Comice OS. So I fired-up my net and able to download Comice OS 4 (COS4) burned it to a DVD and let it boot up, to my surprise I can say in my personal experience that this piece of meat is the fastest so far I’ve tested with my 2 year old machine! Just under around 8 seconds! Mind you even Puppy Linux (one of my favorite lightweight Linux) takes around 30 seconders to load. To me it gives an impression that hey even if were under the big bad ass Linux boys category we can still be faster like Manny “Pacman – Praise God” Pacquiao!

After booting I was offered with some options to my dismay Live Session does not allow me to install COS4 (if ever a person testing it wanted already to do a full install) to my drive, maybe some dictionary techie guys from Comice though that Live Session must be for and only for Live Session or maybe he/she does not want us to think that they are mimicking other Distro out there that incorporates Live Session and Install Mode in one! Oh well lots of Maybes!

If you’re like me, who after testing a Linux Distro (and like what I saw) then this first annoyance is simply annoying. But using the Live Session gives you almost all the features that COS4 is offering except that in installed version its more faster than Live Session.

After selecting the option to install COS4, you will be transported in a very plain and simple screen with the installation mode already running in the background the same rhetorical screen and question will pop-out for you to continue the installation, language, drive partition and after the user inputs of credentials (username, password, etc.)  The installation screens just shrink to a portion that only informs the user of the installation progress! I just felt that Comice should have used the installation duration to at least show/tell the new user what Comice is and may offer them, if there’s a new piece of software that was added and other stuff pertaining to Comice OS! I think that is more fun than mere staring at what status the installation is currently in! For me that dull moment is the most annoying of all Comice has offered me (both pre and post installation).

After an eternity waiting for the installation to finish (it took between 10-15 minutes on my machine) because of the drab moment! Comice finally ejected my DVD and asks me to restart my machine to finalize the installation. After logging-in, COS4 showcased a heavy customized gnome and with a very responsive dock icons below the screen, I tried some Puppy flavor before using Docky settings none of them seems to be as responsive and fast as COS4 is, for these alone COS4 beat them badly.

I explored endlessly and found some software that I love using are missing from COS4, VLC, Chrome, Grub Editor, unetbootin, geany editor and torrent application, the said application are the love of my life. So what I did was search my hard drive for some installation files (.deb) lurking around my folders and started installing them one by one but after installing Opera my docky suddenly disappears! I could not resurrect it, after a few failed attempts I decided to do a reboot thinking this might fix the problem. Indeed it did but a new problem resurfaced I could not readily double-click my deb files to install it; doing so would invoke the archive manager of COS4! Linux is like a human beings life nothing is always perfect. The only turn-around I could think of is to manually right-click the deb files and select gdebi installer to open (install) it. I could still not fix that problem up to this writing.

I'm really happy with how COS4 detects my hardware be it Plug and Play or not, it easily detects my Bluetooth devices, my Mobile broadband and some other peripherals though I did not have the chance to test its printer detection yet but for what Comice have given me with the array of tools present albeit lacking my preferred application I do believe this piece of Bad Ass Linux can make other Linux Team out there, to think twice before offering that bloated gnome flavor Linux.

With a small footprint as compared to the older big Linux, Comice will surely click its way in to the Linux contender match! A death match maybe? I hope not, after all we are Linux Advocates lets wield Linux / Open Source to the forefront of computing!

My Rating:

All in all, my rating is 9/10!  To the Development Team of Comice don't forget to say Hello to Microsoft. :)

Editor’s note: Comice OS 4 was compared against LMDE 2011 edition, Open Suse Gnome and Linux Mint Gnome.



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