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Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Emachine D730 and Isadora experience

I have been in the teaching profession long enough to explore and try many Open Source Application and Linux Distribution as well, I think when I left college Linux is still under incubation period. And we where already expose to the political and marketing arm of the would be World PC Kidnapper as far as operating system is concern.

    I for example was already using MS Windows 95 long before I knew Linux exist or Linus Torvalds for that matter, and I may say I'm quite good at it (using Bill Gates OS) and mind you the primary factor I could think of launching this piece of software from the ground up to its pedastal now is, the ease of use! I mean we must admit it using any variant of MS Operating System (excluding 3.1 and Win95) can be recognized as user friendly (newbie) all the time if not most of the time. And being one of the recipient, I would not proudly say yes, it is user friendly!

    Well enough for the MS Windows extolling back to the Emachine D730 and Linux experience, I'm a long time Desktop user and very new to Laptop machines. Let's just say I don't like the idea of carrying bulky laptops and cables nor the 2-3 hours of machine use. Since I'm a heavy user requiring atleast 10 hours of machine use extending till the wee hours! Laptop is not and would not be an option for me. Well that was a couple of years ago! I'm now rethinking the use of laptop :) or should I say I now believe owning a laptop or a netbook is really a neccessity nowadays.

    A few months ago I bought my first ever laptop an emachine D730 (intentionaly its my wife machine) previously I already bought two other laptop for my brother and sister both emachines. I like emachines by acer for  two reasons; one is the local support and second is the price. The other two laptop were installed with a 30 day OEM trial operating system from the vendor as well as my D730. But just recently my wife and I decided to try out each others machine just for some insane experiment. So I ended up using her laptop and decided to install Linux distro on it since I'm an open source advocate. What the heck! Why not try it out with her laptop. Anyway we decided to partways with our machines indefinitely so why not give it a shot!

    So lo and behold I did made this short article using her laptop with LinuxMint Isadora KDE and openoffice 3.2 onboard. Its quite an experience and since then I am now enjoying this new found glory of using laptops over Desktops! It was fun to once again experience experimenting with various linux distribution with my wife's machine.

    Isadora made that experience possible, from installation to program updates even the super easy partitioning of harddrive though some times people/user would tend to run away from linux when they face such dangerous and daunting task but not for LinuxMint Isadora! She made life so easy and fun, installing is a breeze! While other distro find it hard to locate, install and actually connect my wireless connection Isadora sweat none in performing this seems hard task, while other distro makes life even harder not mounting or recognizing my drive but not for my lady! Definitely Isadora made a mark on me and forever will be (hope so).

    Kudos to the team of LinuxMint 9 KDE (Isadora)  for doing a fine job oh my no no what I mean is superb and cool job of making this distro a flavour to remember.

    Before I wrote this article I tried the following distribution and have decided to install LinuxMint Isadora KDE with finality (read my Linux Distro review entitled “The Battle for the right Linux Distribution for my Emachine D730”).

    Using Laptops is really cool and great especially when you're always on the go attending various functions and seminars, both world would make impossible if not ridiculous to hand carry Desktops! :)

    So, to all users out there with the same hesitation, I think it's now time to rethink. Is it really that annoying owning a laptop or just plain cool and exciting!

    Btw, i'm contemplating not to return to my old stable and reliable Desktop Machine! Shhhhhh, it's  just between you and me....


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