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Sunday, December 13, 2009

YugaTech Giveaway Round #2: Gimme your best shot!

Giveaway Round #2: Gimme your best shot!

Okay, I have to admit that running a huge giveaway/contest is such a tedious job in terms of logistics especially if you have several hundreds (over 700+) entries to comb thru. Nevertheless, we’ll continue to do our give-away every month. So here’s Round #2 of the YugaTech Great Gadget GivewayGimme your best shot!
This is your chance to get that MSI Wind U123H, the 10-inch netbook with built-in 3G powered by Globe Tattoo.
So what do you need to do? Simple.
Go to the most crowded place and have your picture taken holding the sign “Follow @abeolandres and @talk2globe on Twitter! “.

I’m looking for the best shot — the most creative, most difficult, most crowded that will draw the biggest impact.

Upload your submission on Flickr, PixLink, Picasa, Facebook, or any of your favorite photo-sharing site. I suggest to name your photos as “yugatechcontest.jpg” before uploading and/or include a tag “yugatech contest” when applicable. You can even put it on your blog and write about the ordeal of getting that difficult shot.
You can download this PDF document and print it out to use as props. You can make your own sign too — print it, paint it, put it on a tarp, cartolina, or manila paper — be creative, sky’s the limit. (Hint: We might give special prizes to the most creative ones.)
Once you’re done, leave a comment here with the link to your entry/page.
What we’re giving away?
MSI Wind U123H — for the most difficult, most creative that draws the biggest crowd attention or impact. I’ll pick 5 finalists and ask a panel of judges (TBA) to win the top prize. The runners-up get a Globe Tattoo.
If you posted your entry on Facebook and get as many people to “Like” the photo, you win 5 Globe Tattoo and five Php500 Globe Load. That’s top 10 with the most “Likes”.
If you posted your entry on PixLink, we’ll randomly pick 5 entries to win a Globe Tattoo each.
If you blogged about your entry and linked back to this contest page, we’ll also pick 10 entries randomly to win five Globe Tattoo and five Php500 Globe call card.
I’ll be running a Google Image Search and pick 5 random images on the front page of the search results and give them a prize as well (Php500 Globe call card each). That’s the reason why I mentioned using the file name and/or tag above.

That’s 34 minor prizes and 1 grand prize so far. But wait, there’s more!
If you tweet about this contest, we’ll pick 10 winners to get 5 Globe Tattoo and five Php500 Globe call card. Just copy and paste this tweet message:
Win an MSI Wind 3G netbook! Follow @abeolandres & @talk2globe. Join the YugaTech Giveaway: #thanks2globe
If you’re not on Twitter but have a blog, just post a blog entry about this photo contest. Make sure to have a live link to this page and use the first picture above (this one).
I’ll pick another set of 10 winners to get 5 Globe Tattoo and five Php500 Globe call card.
Okay, that should be enough, whew! We have fifty-four (54) consolation prizes and one (1) major prize — an MSI Wind U123H 3G netbook that comes with a Globe Tattoo SIM card.
Some things to remember!
You can join in any or all of the giveaways above but you can only win once. If you plan to submit multiple entries, you need to submit different photos/scenarios for it to be counted. That’s it! The fewer the rules, the better.
Contest starts today, February 3, and ends February 26. Three (3) weeks should be enough for you to think of that awesome photo entry. Good luck to all!


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