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Friday, May 4, 2007


Mining and Quarrying

  • Labor-intensive, based on improvised low level technologies and methods
  • OSH and environmental issues linked
  • Long hours, heavy loads, exposure to dust and chemicals (especially mercury), cave-ins

Domestic work

  • Separated from their own families
  • Work 15 hours a day, with or without wage
  • Minimum wage is less than $15/month
  • Vulnerable to physical and sexual abuse
  • 90% are girls
  • Some trafficked for labor/sexual exploitation

Pyrotechnics production

  • High risk of injuries or loss of life due to highly flammable and combustible substances
  • Complaints of dizziness, asthma, weight loss, sore eyes and backaches
  • For 1,000 pieces of baby rockets, a child earns less than $1 a day
  • Fixed salaried collect an average of 40 cents to $2 a day

Commercially and sexually exploited

  • Young girls are prevalent but boys are increasing
  • Many recruited from rural poor to work in urban areas, and abroad

Deep-sea fishing

  • Work 12 to 15 hours a day, starting 3am
  • Pa-aling fishing trips take children away from families 9 to 10 months. Families receives cash advance in return
  • Cuts, wounds, skin diseases, sore eyes and exhaustion
  • Decompression symptoms, and harsh weather conditions at sea, high level of noise from mechanical machines
  • Drowning and other underwater hazards

Sugarcane plantation

  • Child workers in sugar plantations mainly children of sugar workers and peasants, living on and around haciendas
  • Children are involve in all aspects of cane growing, harvesting and hauling
  • 64% of the children working on sugarcane plantation are studying, but drop out from the school during the year
  • off-season peril: vulnerable to recruiters who lure them to metro manila and abroad


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