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Sunday, April 8, 2007

The SEO in our blood!

The SEO in our blood!

Many people tend to misunderstood what a SEO means, they almost instantly think of it as a position in a top company. But what does SEO really means? The sole purpose of search engine optimization is to make a website as search engine friendly as possible to get on top of the net world.

Simply, making your website/page good looking for search engines (SE) as an example we would like to make to be the number one in search engines such as Google, we need to make more search engines friendly. Naturally, your objective is to be #1 on all search engines and/or directories. The position your web site is in after doing a search is called the rank order. It should always be your goal to achieve #1-#10 rank order positions. Having said that we need to examine the key areas a search engines looks at when examining a page; Uniform Resource Locator (URL), Title, Tags and Contents.

Titles should be no more than 3-5 words, using your company name does not guarantee you a hit, well not unless you happen to own or! Well kidding aside title is not just a title it almost everything remember title is just title for site owners and/or webmasters but for others it’s as good as the keyword they are looking! The title is your most important link to the world.

Meta tags are also equally important. Search engines use it to collect information of your site. A well written description is use in whole or in part to provide the text that appears under the reference link. Example is– the number 1 site in the Philippines. With a descriptive title and a catchy Meta tags you won’t go wrong just like

Good content is the most important part of search engine optimization. The content should be focused based on the subject of the site. In other words, KISAI it (keep it simple and informative) covering multiple topics on each page is confusing for spiders and SEO’s alike. When writing document content, try to use the strongest keyword targets early in the site/page. Example, a site promoting SEO in the Philippines may use the following as a lead-sentence; “ by Noypians – the most informative SEO site in the Philippines“

One thing to keep in mind when writing is that unnecessary repetition of keywords is considered spam by search engines and the written copy is meant to be read by human eyes as well as search spiders. Each page or document in the site should have its own unique content. Today, it’s not just about popularity but a combination of popularity and relevance!

The more content you have on your web site, the more likely it is that your relevancy will improve. Sites with good content are also linked to from other web sites as source of information. People appreciate the fact that you have taken time to write useful information without paying a penny of it.

Searching the net and search engines yields these Obsolete Tactics!

Before these are good methods but nowadays it might be considered as spamming which could cost your rank! Hold and be-hold! Read along.

The following are excerpted from

“The basics of implementing an SEO Campaign By Hooman Moayyed”

Hooman Moayyed is founder and CEO of Interweb New Media, Inc. Hooman holds an MBA from Southern Methodist Uni­versity in Dallas and a B.S. in Radio/TV/Film from the University of Texas at Austin. He has been consulting for firms such as Ericsson and Nortel since 1996.

Doorway Pages

These are separate web pages usually filled with keywords, content, or anything that the promoter thinks will improve rank order. These pages may or may not be linked to your web site. They are only intended for search engines to see. The idea is that the more web pages there are within the site, the more likely it will be that such pages will achieve higher rank order. Search engines today can detect this.


Suppose that your SEO offers 100 or so domain names that will be used to promote your web site. Each site is filled with content similar to doorway pages and is submitted to the search engines for indexing. When someone does a search and stumbles upon one of these cloaked domains, they are redirected to the site they were intended to see. The problem with this is that only SEO’s usually have the time and resources to implement cloaking tactics. So if the relationship sours with the SEO, they can terminate all cloaked sites or better yet redirect the domains to a competitor’s web site. (This actually happened with one devious SEO. See Dot Com Noir)

Irrelevant Content

In the past you could fill your site with content that had absolutely nothing to do with yours in the hope that someone would find you by coincidence. For example, if your site sold a certain software application, you may try to generate traffic by using keywords such as computers, Microsoft, PDA, keyboards, mouse, etc. Obviously the site has nothing to do with Microsoft or hardware but the idea is to lure someone looking for computers to this site and grasp their interest. Sounds like a good idea, no? Not only is it dishonest but also search engines have wised up to this tactic.

Hidden or Redundant Content

Webmasters used to fill their pages with repeated keywords and mask them by making the text the same color as the background. Search engines can detect this now and will discount this content. Some sites allow you to see the keywords. You probably have come upon a page that had a lot of junk at the bottom. Search engines can detect such content with consistency.

Abuse of Meta Content

Meta tags are coded into the HTML of each of your web pages. The Metas are a convenient way of includ­ing keywords and description about that particular web page into your code to assist the search engine in indexing content. Many times, webmasters will repeat the same keywords many times in order to increase relevancy. One time I viewed the HTML source of a web page and I was shocked to see three pages of keywords. Despite the fact that this worked fairly well in 1997, it would be immediately discounted today.

Link Farms

Links farms are web site communities whose sole purpose is to link to each other’s site in the hope of increasing popularity. You scratch my back, I scratch yours, right? The problem with this is that these link farms have no purpose other than to exploit the search engines. The links have no relevance to content thus degrading the usefulness of the search engine. The technique works only until the farm is discovered whereby every site within the farm can be instantly banned.

About eBook

This eBook is intended as a basic guide, and is by no means a comprehensive outline for search engine techniques, to check for updates, please visit



The author does not claim ownership to the article “The basics of implementing an SEO Campaign By Hooman Moayyed”


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